Web3: What You Should Know

As we enter the next phase of internet connectivity called Web 3.0 or Web3, there is a need for developers to understand what it is and how it will impact web design. Web3 will change lots of things about the internet as we know it, and everyone should be prepared for it.

Web3 is simply a decentralized internet ecosystem that exists on a blockchain network. In simple terms, it is the internet that is powered by an open-source ledger that everyone can access. To understand this better, let’s see what Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 are.

Web 1.0 brought internet connection in which users could only visit static web pages. But Web 2.0 improved that and provided platforms controlled by individuals or corporate firms subject to government regulations. The current social media platforms -Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- are perfect examples of Web 2.0.

It is this monopoly and subjection to government control that Web3 is supposed to remove. The technology will create a place where users can interact and perform anything; our imagination will be the only limitation. All good, but how do you relate to this as a web developer?

Web Developers are Important to Web3.

Web3 will unlock the true potentials of web developers as creators of an ecosystem. Although blockchain developers will be at the forefront of things, web design in Web3 will require developers that know their onions and can create websites for use in the virtual world.

Currently, there are websites through which users can access the so-called metaverse. Decentraland and SandBox are two of those websites. For web developers, their adaptive skills will be tested with such projects.

It follows then, that web designers must be ready to face the next phase of their jobs and acquire every skill needed to compete at the highest levels. What should you do?

Getting Ready for Web Development in Web3

It is important to realize that Web3 is not an alien technology that will seem impossible to fathom. It is here already, and some brands are already using it. As a web developer, constant studies and interactions with colleagues must be your lifestyle.

Keep up with modern trends and future predictions of web design. Follow blockchain technology and know the latest metaverse platforms. Study their websites and note those new things that you don’t know. Acquire new skills and hone old ones to stay ahead of the pack.

Above all, learn more about your programming language and keep testing your limits.