Top first person shooter games of all time

PC games are getting revolutionized to give the most-realistic experiences to the players. For instances, shooter games are getting extremely popular among the current generation because of the graphics, sounds, and the features that it offer! Shooter games are mainly of two types- First person and Third person. First person shooter games are highly tempting because you play the game from your perspective. In this context, let’s take a look at some of the original first person shooter games!

Battlefield V-

Battlefield V is packed with all the features that a first person shooter game should have! The players get to experience a realistic World War II scenario and a high-speed game play where you can shoot for hours and keep running at a racing speed! Some of the gaming features include- war stories, supports up to 64 players, multiplayer gaming options, and others.

Call of Duty- Modern Warfare (2019)

The Call of Duty has gained a special place in the heart of the game addicts! It has both single player and multiplayer modes with a reward-based morality system! This first person shooter game supports cross-platform multiplayer and has come up with new features like Ground War Mode and Realism Mode.


This isn’t the one that you are thinking about! It is not the 1993 classic game that is discussed here! Doom 2016 is the numberless series that has surpassed all the hopes of the players! For a satiable experience, the creators of this game has retained the old-school design but has added the most upgraded features to deliver a satisfying gaming session! The heave metal soundtracks, frantic and palpitating game play is to die for!


First shooter games needn’t always be full of rough, murky or ultra-realistic affairs! Cartoonish and madcap fun has its place too! One such prime example of this category is ‘Overwatch’. This game characterizes colorful graphics and levels for a joyous experience. Besides this, the players also get to explore vast playing styles, multiple gaming modes and experienced characters.

Some of the other first-shooter games that has gained popularity are- Vanquish, Superhot, Halo, Gears 5, Counter Strike, Doom Eternal to name a few! To get the best experiences, try to find the role that suits you the best, know the maps and move cautiously, target the one that comes first, and turn up the volume! All these will boost up your overall gaming experience!