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Top benefits Why Enterprises Should Use Azure Web Apps

We live in a highly competitive era. The presence of a competitive market demands the blend of various factors for thriving and surviving organizations in the immensely changing business environment. Rapid deployment, hassle-free operations, cost-efficiency, global scale, higher productivity, and improved availability are some important aspects to consider for modern businesses.

In such a scenario, revolutionary cloud technology has come to the rescue of enterprises. Cloud technology enables modern businesses to achieve a majority of these factors. As an organization, if you aim for rapid development and deployment of enterprise apps, Microsoft Azure Cloud can be a great platform. Let us know how!

Kick-starting Enterprise App Development with Microsoft Azure Cloud

In a typical cloud computing system, you will come across different analytics and storage specifications. Microsoft Azure Cloud services to be one of the most reliable cloud service providers in the given domain. Microsoft Azure makes it simpler for most organizations -even startups to apply and adapt the cutting-edge cloud technology.

Organizations across the world understandthe impact of the Cloud -not just on their businesses but also on the customers, clients, and employees. Cloud is helping organizations navigate the existing uncertainties by addressing some core issues of any business -including expansion of revenue sources, business agility, reduced IT costs, and support for remote app development.

With Microsoft Azure, enterprises of all scales & sizes can create new apps as well as services, store data, host websites, deliver on-demand software, and manage data & backup -everything on the single cloud. As per a recent Forbes report, 63 percent of modern enterprises nowadays run their applications on Microsoft Azure.

If you wish to boost the productivity of your business while unraveling the full potential of Microsoft Azure for developing smarter applications on the cloud, read about its benefits.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud for Enterprise App Development

Azure is the cloud computing platform by Microsoft allowing businesses to build robust, scalable, and secure applications. It ensures hassle-free app development and management along with database hosting on a wide range of technology stack -from Linux, Windows, and much more.

The cloud computing service by Microsoft Azure helps in the development, deployment, and management of applications on-premise or on various clouds with the help of the right frameworks and tools.

Leading organizations like eBay, Samsung, BMW, and Boeing are optimizing the way in which they function with the immense capabilities of Azure infrastructure. It helps in integrating customer services, deliveries, and logistics in a manner to enhance overall productivity. Here are some added benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud for enterprise application development:

#1 Secure App Development

Web application services by Azure deliver enterprise-grade SLA with respect to the PCI security standards. With the help of using Azure for application development services, you can be assured that the development process is highly secure. Moreover, the process is implemented by using high security standards.

Azure has also come up with countering methods for DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Periodic penetration tests are also carried out for checking stringent measures related to security.

#2 Versatile and Multilingual Framework

Azure used in the concept of Microsoft Technology Associate is a popular platform amongst enterprises. The given web app service is capable of offering more than single language support for the entire process of web app development. Users can also expect unique support through Java, Node.js, and Asp.NET.

Azure is also famous for laying out its open-source capability. Executable scripts on the web app service can be easily operated on the VMS.

#3 Improved Availability

The public preview of Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions is getting immense popularity amongst its customers. In a demo in 2020, the Azure team revealed that Azure Logic Apps couldbe executed anywhere. This implies that enterprises can self-host the respective workflows without having the limitation of a single server. It is also possible to build multi-cloud scenarios with this solution.

#4 Better Application Templates

Microsoft Azure allows its users to design the respective web applications from the built-in templates in the given system. Some templates can be used for joining the Windows virtual machine directly.

In case the enterprise has an existing virtual machine along with a domain controller and an AD domain, it becomes simpler to set up the templates with the help of Azure.

#5 Visual Studio Integration

Visual Studio integration makes it immensely simpler for beginners to make use of the Microsoft Azure platform. For a subscription with Visual Studio, the users can use a wide range of tools available on the Azure platform -all for free.

#6 Actionable Insights

The Asp.NET or Azure development platform has access to detailed information about the overall health and performance of applications. Therefore, the right decisions can be taken for improving business operations out of Azure services and insights.

#7 Cost Effective

In comparison to other platforms, the cost of developing apps on Microsoft Azure is quite less. For Azure web app services, you are only expected to pay for the tools and services that you use.


Enterprises can leverage the wide range of benefits Microsoft Azure has to offer for application development. It is advised to hire services from experts.