Tips for More Effective Lead Generation on LinkedIn

In its earliest days, LinkedIn developed a reputation as one of the leading sites for job searches and networking. The platform has expanded its offerings substantially since then and has become a valuable resource for B2B marketers and business owners. These days, an impressive 80% of B2B leads from social media originate on LinkedIn.

Just having a LinkedIn profile and optimizing pages to drive traffic to the company’s website isn’t enough. Over 90% of modern B2B businesses use the platform to market their goods or services, so business owners need to leverage industry best practices and tools to make sure their companies stand out. Read on to find some tips for lead generation on LinkedIn that can help any company become more competitive.

Refine the Sales Funnel

Lead generation is just the first step toward making a sale. To reach that final goal, the lead must be routed through a series of steps known collectively as the sales funnel. Business owners who want to use LinkedIn to generate new leads and convert them into loyal customers will need to take full advantage of the platform’s unique properties such as its sponsored posts and conversational ads.

Use Lead Generation Forms

LinkedIn allows sponsored content ad creators to include calls to action with the Lead Gen Form. Business owners can attach signup forms to their ads and LinkedIn will auto-populate them with the lead’s contact information so all he or she has to do is enter an email address and hit “submit.” Embracing the Lead Gen Form eliminates unnecessary steps and increases the chances of gathering contact information.

Leverage Conversation Ads

LinkedIn Conversation Ads let business owners create advertisements for delivery as direct messages to other users. Treat the messages as cold contacts and include personalized content, a compelling value statement, and a relevant call to action. The great thing about Conversation Ads is that potential leads can respond in ways that aren’t available for InMail ads and Sponsored Messages. Make sure to follow up to replies quickly and effectively.

Zero in On Leads

LinkedIn makes multiple tools available to B2B business owners who want to zero in on leads. Arguably the most powerful of them is the Matched Audiences feature. Matched Audiences lets users retarget people who have previously visited the website, upload contacts lists, and target specific companies or accounts. It’s a very valuable tool for LinkedIn cold contacting.

Track Engagement

Sales Navigator is a feature designed to enhance users’ abilities to track LinkedIn leads and communicate with them easily as they move down the sales funnel. It offers tons of valuable data about existing leads, provides recommendations for future outreach, and offers a wide range of features for tracking engagement. Use it.

When to Seek Professional Help

Does implementing the tips above sound like it will take a lot of work? The reality is, it will. Cold outreach on any platform poses unique challenges, but it also creates new opportunities. Business owners who want to focus on more central aspects of running their companies can trust professional lead gen agencies to help them establish and implement effective strategies using LinkedIn and other platforms.