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TikTok Account Highlights

In your account, you can customize your profile, change the privacy and data security settings. It provides information on the account balance, but only for Asian countries. There is also a function designed to share an account link via SMS.

Common Possibilities

TikTok notifications are located in the general settings. Here you specify the conditions under which messages will be displayed in the curtain. For example, if you were sent a text or liked by one of the users. There is also an item on how to turn off TikTok notifications. To do this, just drag the slider to the on position.

Download any video you like without watermark icons on your phone and computer with special service There is also a possibility to enable parental controls. Here you can set a limit on the use of the social network, as well as viewing adult content. The options for the saved photo are displayed. You can set the configuration for the interface language and animation.

Documents Section

This tab contains settings for working with documents, rules for their use, and privacy terms. In the support center, you can ask any question of interest to the developers. Many people wonder how to remove TikTok. To get rid of your account, you just need to delete all information from your page. In the future, they promise to introduce functionality for complete removal.

There is no monetization of views, as in YouTube, which means that local bloggers will have to rely only on their own strength. As practice shows, the most popular methods of monetizing your work are collaborating with brands and promoting your own goods or services. The main thing is to immediately understand who your target audience is, and not to be sprayed on the rest of the service visitors.