Things You Need To Know About Accessing Dark Web

Catch a glimpse of the internet’s invisible part called dark web that requires one to use anonymous browsing.

The dark web isn’t visible on the internet. They are not visible because they do not get indexed by the regular search engines. With no doubts, you might have heard about the illegal activities related to the dark web, but there is much more you need to know. Trading prohibited products and services are common activities on the dark web. Trading of credit card numbers, Netflix account, software, and drugs, etc. are some of the examples that might scare you about the dark web. The place full of anonymous people can substantially scam out the beginners entering the dark web.

But not everything on the dark web is illegitimate. It also has a legitimate side, like some people use to find peace, share stories, joining a game club, for digital currency payment gateways, or social networking like Facebook.  

Dark Websites

Blackweb website or dark websites end with .onion, and are pretty much similar to other websites on the internet, though are toughest to remember the domain name. You should be selective about the websites if you decide to venture to the dark web. The .onion is the top-level domain suffix that is used by anonymous networks to reach hidden services via Tor Network. You cannot access the dark websites unless you are using a proxy with your browser. 

Dark Web Browser

If you think that knowing the URL of the dark website can easily obtain access to the dark web, then you are wrong. Because reaching them is one of the toughest tasks. You need a distinctive web browser called Tor. Tor Browser works under the series of proxy and is volunteered by thousands of dark Webbers who can produce IP addresses (untraceable and unidentifiable addresses). 

Dark Web Search Engines

Google, Yahoo, or Bing cannot take you to the dark web. The exclusive dark web search engines exist like DuckDuckGo, Hidden Wiki, OnionURL Repository, TorLinks, etc. But even the best ones will challenge you to keep up the constantly changing locations. And you might get frustrating results like timed-out connections, repetitive and irrelevant results of the query, and 404 errors. Once you have installed the dark web browser, you can type the URL and search as you do in a regular browser, and you can go off. 

To stay safe while accessing the dark web, make sure, you don’t use your regular email addresses and other identities, and keep updating your Tor applications.