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The SEO Trends that will matter most in 2020

To be at the top of the waves, think about SEO strategies in advance. The shortcut to attain success is to get to know the upcoming trends and prepare an action plan for each. SEO is one of the youngest marketing disciplines, which is changing at a fast pace. When the fundamental principles are the same, SEO is about making your website easy to understand and find. This year Google has shaken the world with its speed related and mobile-first indexing efforts. So what are the important trends for 2020 and how to implement them?

Semantic Search and Intent Optimisation

Years ago, Google moved away from exact matching keyword optimisation. Now Google looks at query context and delivers results by analysing the possible search intent. It does not use the actual words that are typed in the search box.

Google has mastered understanding the searchers’ internet. So, the old school content creation methods that focus on one keyboard string doesn’t work anymore. Now to keep up with SEO, we should create content that solves problems, for this is what Google and potential customers look for. The SEO consultant NYC will help you with ideas and solutions to optimise contents for search intent and semantic search.

Snippets Dominate Search Clicks:

Nowadays, Google has evolved to deliver better search results for users with featured snippets. These appear above the first page of organic results, also known as position 0. To drive more clicks to your webpage, take advantage of this feature and provide clear answers to the commonly asked questions on your site.

Structured Data:

With Google adding support for structured data and updating its initial guidelines, this year has been used for semantic data. This includes fact-check, FAQ page, and more. Now it is evident that search engines are interested in extracting data from your web pages and giving publishers more exposures in exchange. So, this gives us some competitive advantage over other pages, which does not keep up with Google’s moves.

 SEO is fast-moving and is ever-changing. So it is a fascinating industry to be in. If you are not aware of how to bring your brand up, talk to a digital marketing agency New York for better results and tips.

Mobile and Voice Search:

We know how mobile search is going strong. However, we don’t know how significant and influential the voice searches are, and we have so many sources to confirm this. Also, Google has started giving priorities by introducing mobile-first indexing. This means that Google uses the mobile version of a web page for ranking and indexing predominantly.

To put it simple, if your web page doesn’t fit on a mobile screen or its mobile version has less content, you might be at risk of losing ranks in both desktops as well as mobile search results.

Voice searching in mobile devices to find answers while on the go has become popular. It is safe to say that the voice search is getting popular. Hence saying mobile and voice search are well connected. So to keep up with SEO marketing in 2019 optimise your website for voice and mobile search. Hiring SEO consultant NYC who offer affordable SEO packages New York will help adapt your content strategy to outrank your competitors.