The Perfect Options for the Best Wix Website Making

At Wix, we think that most things in life should be simple.  From creating your website to promoting it online, we give you the tools and tips to move forward on your own.  The same goes for your SEO. For those who do not know, SEO is an essential marketing strategy to be visible on the Net and bring more traffic to your site.  Most often, your organic traffic, that is all the traffic coming from the search engines and which is not sponsored, is your most important source of visitors. Better yet, unlike the supermarket’s overpriced bio department, this type of traffic is completely free. With the Webpage Scientist this is the best deal.

But we know it well, SEO is a real challenge.  As an avid user of Wix, you probably already know the basics, you’ve discovered the Wix SEO Wiz (have not you?) And you’re ready to become a master at it.  All you need for this are valuable tips to improve your rankings and get more visitors and customers. Do not say more. We have this on the shelf. 

Here are 12 SEO tips that will allow your Wix site to climb the ladder of Google and reach the top of the basket (aka the first page) in no time! 

Test the Wix SEO Wiz 

 That’s right, with Wix we do not need to use an external service for your SEO.  We have developed an intuitive and free tool that will help you improve your ranking: Wix SEO Wiz.  Wiz is your magical personal assistant when it comes to SEO and will guide you every step of the way.  You can find it easily in the dashboard of your Wix account. 

How it works?

After answering some basic questions and entering your keywords, the Wiz provides you with a personalized plan.  This includes all the actions you need to take to be better ranked on Google, Bing and their buddies. Thanks to this fantastic tool, 67% of sites using Wiz reached the first page of Google.  Consider the number of new visitors and customers you could attract, simply by using Wix’s SEO tools. If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at this article to discover how Wix SEO Wiz has improved the SEO of thousands of users and what it can do for your website. 

Use long tail keywords 

It may sound like a slimy amphibian but do not worry, we only refer to keywords that contain more words than the average.  Well, let’s go back. First, what are the keywords? These are the two to five word phrases that a surfer is likely to type in a search window to find your business or a company such as yours.  For example, if you own a cupcake store, you would like to be found by typing the keywords “best cupcakes”. But this can be complex because the short keywords generate millions of results, which makes them much more competitive.  So, your website is more likely to get lost in Google’s Loch Ness results.