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The Gaming Options Shine Bright In spite of the Hurdles


Despite the alteration verified by the scholars, they affirm that this is not definitive. A week after running out of playing violent video games, the participants’ brains returned almost completely to the level of the control group.


Like TV and the internet, video games are accused of increasing the propensity to put on weight. According to a study carried out in Canada and Denmark, published in 2011, computer games awaken a greater appetite in young people, causing them to consume more food than necessary.

The experiment was carried out with 17-year-old adolescents, who underwent blood tests and energy expenditure. In the test, the boys rested for an hour and, the next day, played video games for the same period. As soon as the time for both activities was over, they were given a plate of pasta.

By monitoring energy consumption and expenditure, the researchers realized that, within an hour of playing, they burned more calories than they did during their break. On the other hand, when eating the offered dish, they consumed much more calories after playing, compared to the period of leisure. Over time, this can lead to obesity, according to the researchers.

Little exercise, even in active motion games

At the same time that the traditional video game increases the chance of getting fat, a study by Baylor University in the United States showed that motion games, Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect, are not a hope for those who want to play without getting fat. The work measured the intensity of the activities of children aged nine to 12 years old who played with consoles that allowed wide movements, such as jumping, and with those in which only the control was enough to carry out the commands. At the end of 13 weeks, the level of physical exercise intensity of the group of participants who played the active games was no different from the group of the inactive game.

In addition, sedentary activities did not suffer a different impact in either group. The explanation would be in the fact that, for having “exercised” in the game, children stop exercising at other times of the day. Therefore, the momentary conclusion of the researchers was that, even burning calories, video games are not good for your health. Now that with the use of the dota 2 boost they can actually win, the options are open for them to get the mental satisfaction of winning.


If you think that playing video games can make people more violent, lazy, sedentary and antisocial, we are sorry to say, but at some point, you must have gotten into a time machine and been stuck in the last century. The benefits of video games are increasingly spread across different types of media.

For a long time considered a great villain, the video game has evolved – and, fortunately, along with it, people’s mentality too. After all, for children and young people as well as adults, games can bring a number of advantages.