The 10 Best Shopify Auction Apps Of 2021



With software as versatile as Shopify, it’s very difficult to tell which apps are the best. Apps are, so to speak, additional “modules” with which Shopify can be expanded, simplified, changed, or managed. There are now an almost confusing number of these apps with which you can design Shopify according to your wishes, but which are the best? While there are certainly still one or two hidden diamonds in the lake of these apps, we have put together a few shopify auction apps that are among the most useful this year, including a link and description.

# 1: sales pop

It is important to always be connected to customers: Sales Pop helps. Sales Pop adds a small popup in its own shop that makes other customers (and the seller) aware of purchases. Every time someone buys something, it is displayed; this can, for example, direct customers to offers or discounts, or draw their attention to new products. At the same time, it shows the seller what is currently popular.

Conclusion: Knowing which purchases are currently being made is invaluable information: Sales Pop makes it accessible to everyone and thus strengthens the bond between customers, the products and the seller.

# 2: aftership

Before you buy is just as important as after you buy: Aftership was developed with this in mind and then published as a Shopify auction app. Running your shop successfully and selling products is only the first step; these products also want to be shipped. Aftership is a simple but effective app that helps the customer to “track” the parcel, that is, to track and understand its location. After the sale, you can give the customer the so-called tracking number via aftership so that he always knows exactly how far his package is away. With now more than 380 shipping service providers supported, Aftership can be used almost anywhere and offers both the customer and the seller a lot of convenience.

Conclusion: If you sell products in your store that also have to be shipped, aftership is a quick and easy solution that helps to keep customers up to date and at the same time to satisfy them.

# 3: Tidio Live Chat

Even with a well-managed and clearly arranged store, problems can always arise; Customers need help, get stuck at a certain point or just have questions about the products. Tidio Live Chat makes it easy to answer these questions because this Shopify auction app adds a small window at the bottom of the screen where customers can ask their questions. As a seller, you get these questions and can answer and clarify them live with the customer. When it comes to customer expertise, Tidio Live Chat is almost a must.

Conclusion: Tidio Live Chat helps the seller as well as the customer to build a bond and offers security on both sides.

# 4: Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat is another chat option that allows customers and sellers to get in direct contact. This shopify auction app uses Facebook Messenger, through which customers can send a message directly to the seller if they have a question or if there are problems. This chat option is perfect in the age of social networks and works particularly well when your own shop is heavily integrated into the networks.

Conclusion: A very good way to solve problems and establish contacts between buyer and seller; especially if your own shop also has a presence on Facebook.

# 5: McAfee Secure

Trust is everything; Low prices and a clean shop may attract customers, but they also want to be sure that your store is not a scam or has been infected with viruses. McAfee Secure helps to verify exactly this and adds a small widget to assure customers: Your site is clean, secure and works without problems.

Bottom line: Trust is important, and McAfee Secure drives that trust between customers and your online store.

# 6: GetSocial

Nowadays, one thing is particularly important: your presence on social media. It is very likely that your online shop also has a presence on social networks. GetSocial helps customers to find exactly this presence quickly and easily by adding small buttons to your shop. These can then be linked to the networks.

Conclusion: Fast, simple and simple: this app helps your customers to quickly find your presence on social media, which promotes customer loyalty.

# 7: YotPo Reviews

Customers who rate your products well are a treasure: but it is important that these good ratings are also shown to new customers. That helps with the purchase decision. YotPo collects reviews for your products and then displays them on the respective product pages; an indispensable app if you want to further increase the safety of your own products.

Conclusion: An evaluation is a quick way for new and old customers to decide for or against a product; With this shopify auction app you help the customer with the decision and thus promote a natural flow of purchases.

# 8: Mobile Web Boost

A very large proportion of purchases these days come from mobile devices; therefore your own online store should also appear in top form on a mobile phone or tablet. Mobile Web Boost helps by having important information appear on the top or bottom of the screen. For example, buyers can always get to the shopping cart on every page.

Conclusion: As a buyer, it is important to have the right information at all times: Mobile Web Boost helps exactly with this on mobile devices. At the same time, it gives the seller the knowledge to have the upper hand in the mobile store as well.

# 9: BEST Currency Converter

If you want to market your own online shop abroad, there is probably no getting around the BEST Currency Converter. This handy app automatically displays the currency of the destination country where the buyer lives. You can add up to 5 currencies to the BEST Currency Converter. Even better: the elite version of the app comes with a function that automatically enables the buyer to display the currency; For example, if he is from England while the shop is in Germany, the price is automatically converted and displayed for the buyer.

Conclusion: This app is especially useful for stores with international customers and offers customers more convenience and security.

# 10: Panda Language Translate

Panda Language Translate is another app for Shopify that is especially useful for international shops. This app automatically translates your own shop for the customer based on their GEO-IP, i.e. location. You can also use this app to incorporate a language selection with which the customer can choose the language himself. Well over 100 languages ​​are now available so that the shop can really expand internationally.

Conclusion: Panda Language Translate is almost a must for international stores. The ability for customers to choose their own language is almost one of the basic features of many other websites and stores, and automatic translation using GEO-IP is another nice feature that gives customers more convenience.