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Strictly Avoid to hire the SEO company with these 8 Characteristics 

Now the search industry is growing stronger than ever. Many SEO companies are born that promises customers the most expected results. However, not all companies bring great benefits to your website. Here are 8 signs of an SEO company that you shouldn’t trust your website with.

Here are 8 clear warning signs about SEO companies that you should not bet on “the life” of your website.

1) Companies that buy Backlinks:

You certainly don’t want this. An SEO company that buys backlinks from less than reputable services will likely provide your company with low quality and automatic backlinks. Many pages containing these links will appear for free on many other sites with many unrelated links.

Additionally, buying backlinks is seen as an action against Google’s policies. You will lose money and the website’s ranking dropped dramatically due to the discovery of Google’s algorithm. Even the website is at risk of deindex, very affecting the business.

2) SEO Copywriting companies:

If a potential SEO company offered an “SEO copywriting” service, that company went against customer expectations.

Google has changed the algorithm for ranking content. Which means that doing SEO like keyword stuffing and writing with search engine intent would be a deadly approach. No spelling mistakes, no text with unnatural text is something these companies should add to their strategies.

3) Companies are committed to quick results:

This means that any company that promises you results in a week or month should be avoided.

The shady way to get results quickly is to use the black hat technique. SEO takes time, and it’s a promise in the making. The results are constantly improving and companies must continue to maintain those positive results year by year and month by month.

4) Companies with “special tools”:

When you talk to a potential SEO company, you are very impressed with something about them. They tell you all about their special automated processes and the exclusive tool that definitely helps you get ranked faster.

Before handing over the job, think carefully. SEO is no longer a hackerpace since Google constantly suppresses dirty SEO tricks and changes its algorithm to focus on the most natural content.

5) Companies want to “bind” you:

If your SEO company wants to “tie in” you, take a step back and don’t easily depend on them. At that time, can you hardly decline their services when you realize that they have not fulfilled their original promise as the long-term contract signed?

6) Companies do not have much operating experience:

There are a lot of great SEO companies set up every day and lots of small businesses making inroads into the industry. Therefore, you need to choose a company with many years of experience in this field.

You don’t want to be the first customer of a fledgling company. Especially when the company applies the wrong technique, it can have lasting effects on your industry.

7) Their reference doesn’t exist:

One of the most important steps you should take before hiring an SEO firm is to mention references. If the reference does not exist and is not available on request or the list of references you requested is not being met immediately it is time to look to another company.

8) Companies have only one package to cover all:

Every business has a different website. That means they will have different needs, goals, and customers.

If an SEO company mentions a package that can be applied to all, then you should look to another suitable company. The Best SEO Company in Chandigarh needs to really research your business line, understand your goals, research your competitors, analyze your website and find a solution.