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Strategic Steps On How To Get More Views And Likes On Youtube

Uploading videos and not getting views or likes can be a hopeless situation; after all, the number of views is the main indicator of a strategy’s success on the platform.  Many factors depend on it, such as:

  • reach;
  • monetization;
  • the repercussion of ads;
  • engagement.

So, in this post, we’ve put together all the tips you need to know to turn the tables and gain more views and likes or buy YouTube likes on This social network. Stay with us and check out tips that work.

  1. Do SEO For Youtube

To gain views on YouTube, you need to promote your channel. And, the best way to do this without having to give up is to use YouTube SEO techniques. These techniques cover many factors and bring the channel to the fore when the user searches the platform. See some of them:

  • video title (keyword on the left and up to 55 characters);
  • description of the video (keyword at the beginning, link in the first paragraph, well defined CTA and 250 words in total);
  • file name optimized with keyword;
  • video time;
  • content quality;
  • use of strategic hashtags.
  • Want to see in detail how to implement SEO techniques in your channel? See our specific post on the topic; click here.
  1. Monitor your competitors

Monitoring competitors’ channels help you plan marketing campaigns, create competitive content, set new goals, and even gain more traffic. How to hitch a ride with them? One tip is to use the same tags, so your videos will be more likely to be recommended on other channels. All this, thanks to the algorithm that suggests random content to users at the end of the video.

  1. Pay Attention To Video Timing

The average length of a YouTube video is 15 minutes. This varies more or less depending on the content and genre of the video. But the most important thing is to be concise. When your video has added value, when people see the need to watch it, it can go beyond 15 minutes that your audience will go to the end.

  1. Recommend Other Videos At The End Of The Screening

At the end of the video, make recommendations for other content from your channel. These suggestions are those thumbnails that appear when the video is almost over. The more videos you have to recommend, the more time people will spend on your channel, and the more you keep them there, the more YouTube shows you to other users!

  1. Share Your Videos On Social Media

Don’t limit yourself to YouTube; share the videos on other brand profiles. This way, you can reach your entire fan base and followers by sharing links on more social networks. Here, tags are also essential to show YouTube the topic and category of the video so that the platform can associate it with similar content.