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Some Unknown Facts About Keyboards No One Knew Till Now

Keyboards are an integral part of computers. They are required for all the tasks be it the basic computing functions or gaming these days. Keyboards are a crucial component of not just the PC but the smartphones as well. Given below are some of the unknown facts about qwerty keyboards that not many of you might be aware of:

Keyboard processes command faster

An interesting fact about a keyboard is that it processes the commands at a fast speed than the mouse. This happens because the operating system does not need to process extra information while executing the commands that are fed into the system with the keyboard. You can pick up a liable razer mamba today.

Keystrokes can be traced

One demerit of using keystrokes is that these can be traced by hackers. If your device gets infected with a keylogger program then your data like the login credentials as well as the bank account details like the debit card and credit card details will be at risk.

More efficient keyboards than QWERTY

Qwerty keyboard is not just the most effective keyboard. There are more effective keyboards than this. One demerit of a qwerty keyboard is that it stresses out your fingers. These days more efficient keyboards have come up. The keyboards of Colemak and Dvorak require less finger strain.

Bumps on the F and J keys

One thing that remains unnoticed by many is that there are little horizontal lines on the F and J keys of the qwerty keyboard. These bumps are made so that it becomes easy for the typists to type. This also helps you to type when you are looking at the screen and can help you out in tracing the keys if you are working on your system in the dark.

Keyboards are dirtier than the toilets

This might come as a surprise to all of you but this is a fact that your keyboards are dirtier than your toilets. This is not because the keyboards themselves are dirty but it is the person who uses it that makes it one of the most unhygienic things to touch. Try out a quality razer hammerhead true wireless today.

Final words

It can thus be established at the end that keyboards are surely one of the most important parts of the lives of people these days as these are used not just in your PC but also in your smartphones. Do read out all these amazing facts about keyboards.