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Run sponsored ads on Amazon in 6 simple steps

In the digital age, advertising is the essence of the business. It helps to connect the potential customers with their desired products and thus amplifies your business sales. The advertising process involves skills and precision; one mistake can create havoc and shake the substructure of your campaign. Notably, Amazon sponsored ads campaigns have been the prominent and resourceful way to advertise your products. It can immensely increase your sales figures by amplifying the product’s reach. The sponsored ads generate traffic to your listing products and boost sales.

Simple Steps To Run Amazon Sponsored Campaign

Amazon Sponsored Ads are also tagged as PPC (pay per click) ads leveraged by Amazon to intensify product search results. Amazon displays the listings when the potential customers search for the intended products. The sponsored products are associated with keywords based targeting. You can visit the official Amazon seller menu to know more. Now, let’s delve deep into the process of running sponsored ads on Amazon:

STEP 1: Register Yourself and Get Started

The primary step is to create a seller account and get registered as a seller. There will be a  unique user id and password for your registered account. Now register for the sponsored products and accept the required terms & conditions. After completion of the registration process, you will be forwarded to the campaign creation home page for the upcoming prospects.

STEP 2: Creation of New Campaign

As a seller, we want to sell products and extend the reach to a wide section of people through useful campaigns. The next step is to create a sponsored product automatic or manual campaign for the intended products cataloged. You can generate automated Amazon sponsored campaigns in Seller Central as follows:

  • Seller Central – Advertising – Campaign Manager – Create Campaigns.

The new campaign should comprise a unique campaign name, start & end date, budget, brand catalog, and landing page. All these are essential components of  Amazon sponsored ads campaigns.

STEP 3: Create an Ad Group

After the successful creation of the intended campaign, the following process involves creating an ad group. The group encompasses a collection of products you want to advertise. There can be diverse groups depending on the assortment of distinct products under one group. Post creation of the ad group, enter your CPC (Cost Per Click) bid set. It is the amount you are willing to pay when a potential customer clicks on the ads. Depending on the budget, you can decide the maximum amount you are willing to pay when a potential customer clicks on the ad.

STEP 4: Navigating Resourceful Keywords to Optimize Your Campaigns

The keywords strategy plays an important role in search results. While creating a keyword roadmap in sponsored ads, you should pay special attention to assorted match types. There are diverse keywords categories that allow you to refine and augment your ads in search results. The component keywords are broadly classified into three types: phrase match, broad match, and exact match. In addition, you can wield negative keywords aligned with match types.

STEP 5: Choose the Products for Advertisement and Track Your Campaign

The culmination step includes the selection of desired products you want to advertise. Then, click and save when the selection process gets completed. Additionally, you can regularly track your campaigns at your convenience along with systematic tests, review and filter your campaigns for better performance. The accumulated metrics over time will help determine the key indicators for the success of your campaign.

Increase Visibility With Effective Campaign Management

The Amazon marketplace is home to thousands of sellers along with millions of products. It is a great advertising tool for the new sellers to establish their footing in the mainstream. Its marketplace is fiercely competitive and volatile, so creating the first Amazon sponsored ads campaign is the inception of the journey. Advertising is the essence of the business. Therefore, modify your campaigns routinely based on the various developments.