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Read Your Articles Later With Mailist

There have been times when you would like to read an article, but you are too busy to read it at that time. Bookmarking is one option where you can save the article and read it later. Once the articles are bookmarked, one tends to forget reading them and it gets mixed with other bookmarked webpages. But what if you can read your saved bookmarks without being reminded? Mailist is an app that you can use to read your saved articles by receiving weekly emails of your listed articles.

What is Mailist?

Mailist is a web app where you can bookmark your articles for reading them later. The app is like a Chrome and Firefox extension that helps you in saving the articles that you would like to read later. Mailist sends a newsletter of saved bookmarks every week on the email id provided by you. You also have the flexibility of choosing the number of articles that you want to get delivered in your newsletter. 

This can be done through settings of your account. It also has additional features that help you in closing the loop once all articles are read in the list of newsletters.

How to Download the Mailist App

Downloading the mailist app is very simple and easy. You can visit to understand how Mailist works and how you can download it. With the help of this app, you will be able to save up to 100 bookmarks and send it to your email id in one single mail. 

How Does it Work

With the app, you can read all your articles later by exporting and importing the list of articles to your mail ID. You receive mail from them every week with randomly selected articles. You also have the option of choosing a particular day or time when you would like to receive the mail after you have launched the product on Product Hunt.

Once you open a link from the list of articles, it is considered as read. However, this does not mean you cannot go back to the article again. You can still find the link to the articles on the list and hence, you will be able to visit the link again. 

With Mailist app, you also have the option of managing the articles that you have saved. The app has a Pro account that lets you use tags and categorise your articles in an organised manner so that you can navigate them properly. You can also deactivate the links that you do not want on your list. With the app, reading saved articles have become much more easy and simple.