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How Graphic Designing is Different than Website Designing?

To survive in the bloodthirsty competitive environment, availing graphic and web designing services is must for every business. These two services seem to be similar but there are some essential differences between graphic and web design. 

Learn what Graphic Design is – 

Graphic design is a process of representing ideas and messages through visual and textual content. The designers create and combine images, symbols and texts, etc. to form graphics. Basically, it is associated with print industry and used to support branding and marketing campaigns. The visuals are used in posters, brochures, and websites. Programming is not a responsibility and job of these professionals. 

Learn What Web Design Is –

Web design is all about transforming a thought and idea into a visually engaging design. Web designers create a layout that loads quickly to facilitate an amazing user experience and smooth communication. They form feel and look of a website that entails complex programming. It does not concern with print. Unlike graphic design, it is a more active and effective medium. 

Find Out Key Differences 

  • Graphic design is not restricted with anything. The experts get the freedom to create appealing visuals using their creativity. Whereas web designers are bound to programming, speed and resolution, etc.  They have to balance appearance with speed and competence to ensure a smooth user-experience. 
  • Graphic designers design different types of images, graphs, and texts, etc. Web designers fit various visuals and imagery together to form complete interactive web pages that are usable and more dynamic. 
  • While designing a website, the experts take care of optimization. They pay heed on file sizes load time. To make a website responsive and minimize bounce rates, they amend and resize images, animations, logos and other graphic elements. 
  • Graphic Design Company in India is backed by skilled professionals who work within the specifications. But web designers are not confined by any size. The websites are browsed on different screens and the goal of experts is making every element readable and delivering constant user experience on any device.  
  • Graphic designers work solo to complete a project whereas web designers work with web development team that decodes the design into functional code. 

If you are going to avail designing services, learning the difference is important. To get the best graphic and web design services, look for a trusted Website Design Company in India