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PUBG GUN GUIDE:Choose Your Weapon

Getting the right gun for you in PUBG can be tricky. As there are heaps of weapons available to choose from, players can feel a bit overwhelmed. But fret not, we have compiled a list of some of the greatest weapons that you can get in PUBG in order to improve your win rate and skill without doing anything that could lead to your account getting banned from PUBG.

For this selection, we have taken into account the weapons magazine capacity, fire rate, range, bullet speed, and made our choice based on these features along with our experience with these guns. So, without any further wait, let’s get started.

  1. M249

M249 is your best friend in PUBG. This gun bolsters 100 solid rounds and being a submachine gun, has the ability to cheese anything and everything that comes in its line of fire. M249 is an excellent gun for all types of combat situations, and if you are serious about winning the game, then getting this gun will significantly improve your chances.

  1. AWM

Right after M249, AWM packs the most punch in a single shot. AWM has the single largest one-shot damage in the game. It is the go-to weapon for any sniper, having the ability to one-shot any player at a great range. This is your sniping buddy.

  1. AKM

AKM, being one of our personal favorites for assault, packs deadly damage with every shot. We recommend this gun for medium to long-range combat, as AKM has bad recoil, which can be a bit difficult to handle. AKM can also quickly 5 shot any armored enemy. This weapon can be exceptionally deadly in the right hands.

  1. Groza

Another loot crate exclusive, Groza, is among the best AR guns you can get in PUBG. In real life, it ranks up with the newly improved AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. AR guns and Groza are specially preferred for their lightweight and power. Packing the same punch at AKM, but at a faster rate, Groza is your friend that can carry you through the game if you know how to use it. I recommend that you use Groza at mid-range faceoffs, aswith the death shots, it also comes with an even deadly recoil.

  1. Mini 14

Mini 14 is an all-rounder fan favorite, having excellent bullet velocity and semi-auto fire rate, it can be used at long-range and at short-range if required. Although, Mini 14 does not pack a lot of damage, being a sniper with a multi-fire ability makes it an excellent choice early on if you don’t have a sniper rifle from the crates.

  1. KAR-98

Designed after an old gun, KAR-98 has a crippling slow fire rate. However, it does make up for it in its range and accuracy. KAR-98 can two-shot kill any armored enemy and is an excellent option for you, especially if AWM is nowhere to be found. This gun is only good for long-range sniping, if you have to use it in short-range, the make that one shot count, as that may be the deciding factor between a win or a loss.

  1. M16A4

There was a time when M16A4 was the best sniper with 8x scope that could burst fire and kill at long ranges, despite it being an assault rifle. But, after the 1.0 update, M16A4 got annexed pretty hard. M16A4 can barely hold the 8x scope now andalthough the gun can’t be used for long-range like it used to be, M16A4 can still do massive damage in close range faceoffs.

  1. SCAR-L

SCAR-L is an excellent short to mid-range assault rifle if you can’t get your hand on Groza or M16. SCAR-L can seamlessly carry you through close quarter battles with its semi-automatic recoil pattern that is quite easy to handle. The gun can spray, and it can spray well. With SCAR-L, you will have a much easier time cheesing through enemies than with most other weapons.

  1. SKS

SKS hits harder than an assault rifle, but it has a slow fire rate. SKS is a common gun, found all around the map, and for many players, this is the first gun they find in the game. This weapon offers all five slots customization, so mastering it is worth your time if you are looking for a versatile sniper.


Vector is an SMG that will pummel your opponents in close range, although it holds only 13 rounds. However, with an extended mag, this gun is your best bet while running through houses, looking for good loot and better armor.

So, this is our list of 10 best guns that you can get in PUBG. This list is just our opinion and is based on our personal experience playing the shooter, but should you have a different ranking for the guns, let us know in the comments!