Product Marketing Needs to leverage from SEO and Content Marketing

A typical product marketing manager in Hong Kong may be one who has in-depth knowledge about the product she has been developing for her startup or local business. But typically she may lack the in-depth skills in those marketing methods that can last for the good of long term i.e. search engine optimization and content marketing. It may not be a viable option for many HK businesses to build a team of digital marketers to handle online marketing channels from search engines to social media sites, from forums to partner sites, and more. It is more economical to hire a reputable local SEO agency in Hong Kong to handle the search engine optimization and content marketing project for the business.

In product marketing, the manager responsible for it usually does very well in the area between product management (i.e. development) and product marketing. Inputs from the outside (whether it is from an agency, or a consultant locally in Hong Kong) is required to feed her with information such as competitive landscape, buyer personas in the market and/or industry. One of the initial objectives is to get the target market to understand the exact value that the product (developed by the business). It is also important to fulfill the demand of potential customers and ensure product adoption by the potential customers.

In product marketing, the product manager should work with the marketing head to position the product in the market (e.g. Hong Kong) before it is actually launched and ready for use. The manager’s job is to work closely with the development team throughout the entire development process. Another area is to pass the knowledge about the product and educate the sales and customer support teams.

Marketing a product on the internet is not only about SEO. Content marketing can be leveraged by other online channels such as social media sites/platforms which may be Facebook in the case of the Hong Kong market. Setting up a company blog and actually going ahead to write the articles to fill up the blog is another important item in the to-do-list. A well setup blog which has SEO implemented correctly is going to be a weapon in the long term for acquiring long tail keyword traffic from the search engines (i.e. Google and Yahoo in Hong Kong).

The content or articles that are created through content marketing is the source supply for building up SEO. The same content can be re-purposed and be delivered through social media platforms. The content isn’t restricted in a single format (i.e. text) and can be converted into other formats including video, audio, image, and more.