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Play pokemon go cheap: Save Money and Enjoy!

There’s no doubt that the hit game, “Pokemon Go,” has taken the entire world by storm. From catching bugs to battling in real-world locations, this game has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of people worldwide. But, with so many different ways to play, there might be some confusion on how to get the most bang for your gaming buck. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some ways you can play pokemon go cheap.

Dive Into the Free Version

One of the best ways to save money on Pokemon Go is by playing the free version. You want to start with the free version so you can see if it suits your needs. If you find that it does, then you can continue to play for free and never invest in any upgrades. The free version has plenty of features already built into it, such as catching Pokemon, battling in gyms, and finding PokeStops.

Unlimited In-App Purchases

Pokemon Go is free to download, but it’s not free to play. That means you need to purchase in-app items if you want to keep playing. But, the best way to save money is with an Unlimited In-App Purchase (IAP). Purchasing an IAP will let you buy whatever you need when you need it without spending any money along the way. You can also choose whether or not this purchase will be limited only to Pokemon Go or for all of your mobile games.

Don’t Waste Money on Premium Features

Why pay to have your avatar be a different color in the game when no one will see it? Or, why pay to battle other players when you can battle them in real-world locations? You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on these premium features.

If you don’t want to do that, you could use the free features of pokemon go cheap and purchase items from the in-app store. That way, you are just spending a few dollars here and there rather than spending a lot of money on something that may not even be worth it.

Buy Premium Boxes

One of the fastest ways to save money on playing Pokemon Go is by purchasing premium boxes. Premium boxes are available for a limited time and come with more items than standard boxes. There are two types of premium boxes: one that can be purchased individually and another that can only be purchased in bulk.

Play Pokemon Go with Other Players

Lastly, if you have friends who live right in your area, just invite them to play Pokemon Go with you. This will allow you all to go out and explore together and battle in this game like never before! You will get more out of the game experience if you play with other players.

Play And Enjoy Without Blowing Your Budget!

Now that you know how to save money and play the popular game your way, it is time to take off on your next adventure and catch some of those elusive Pokemon!