Optimized Native iOS development for the App Store

Jackrabbit is an experienced and dedicated application developer that uses the best resources to ensure clients get the best application to meet their needs. The professionals work hard and have immense experience in what they do, enabling them to give clients an excellent service that meets their unique needs. Additionally, the professional pride themselves on being the best native development collaborative partners to their clients and giving every project a personal touch that makes clients succeed to be like their own. The excellent services provided have enabled them to get a good track record, putting them on the industry’s map. The application experts have optimized the native iOS development for the App Store in several ways. 

Heart rate social

Heart rate social is an iOS and Android application that connects healthy and active people to enable them to meet up in healthy ways. A user first builds a profile that prompts for the different kinds of fitness activities that they are interested in with the various dietary restrictions they might have. The other native development features include the user’s intentions, whether they desire to get friends or something more romantic, enabling them to match with users with similar interests. The created profile facilitates meeting similar interests and thus the user’s satisfaction. The application is an excellent way to meet other people with healthy lifestyles and similar interests, making it an ideal social tool by the founder Christopher VanBerg who is equally active. The application comes different from the other social application such as those for dating, business partnerships and friends. 


Yonomi is an iOS application that discovers and controls smart home devices making it easier to get things done within the house. The native development application is an Internet of things (IoT) for connected homes. It streamlines the daily routines by enabling the communication of various intelligent gadgets within the home, such as lights and speakers. The application is user-friendly, simple and accessible, making it quite handy for the users with no necessary additional hardware. The application had the cloud infrastructure required for discovery and interaction with local smart devices. All it needed was the development of a native application which the professionals did skillfully. 


For cooking and kitchen enthusiasts, the recipes are the native development application to help individuals achieve their cooking goals. The recipes get done quickly through iPad training, batching and labelling, which enables businesses to cut down on training costs that eat deeply into their pockets. The application walks the user through the recipe steps, including the scaling and label-making integration that ensures all recipes are accurately completed and stored safely. The application’s key features include recipe storage and management, production and training, all of which provide those businesses don’t waste food and lead to losses. The production part guides employees, trainees and students through the recipe-making process using photos, video and Bluetooth scales, making it the perfect tool for both new and well-seasoned bakers and chefs to make precise recipes every single time.