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NETGEAR – Nighthawk AX5200 Wi-Fi 6 Router

The router, or at least the popular home network device known as a router, is network gear that allows communication between your local home networks such as your personal computers and other connected devices and the internet.

When it comes to network penetration, a router is the first line of defense. Enabling the router’s greatest level of security enables features like the firewall, and is the best way to safeguard your computer system and data from attack.

Most routers communicate to other network devices purely through network connections, and they do not require drivers in Windows or other operating systems to function.

Nighthawk AX5200

With speeds of up to 5.2Gbps, the Nighthawk AX5200WiFi Router allows you to connect, stream, and download to newer mobile devices more rapidly. For real-time applications such as multimedia streaming, online gaming, and audio/video chats, the powerful 1.5GHz triple-core CPU ensures exceptional performance. This next-generation router can connect up to 25 devices and is suited for medium to big homes. Netgear Ax5200 provides multi-layered protection for an unlimited number of devices by delivering encrypted connections, protecting your online activities, safeguarding lost or stolen devices, and preventing suspicious devices from connecting to your network.


  • 6-Stream AX WiFi

6-Stream AX WiFi expands your network capacity to accommodate additional WiFi devices. You can easily stream 4K UHD content to smart TVs, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.

  • Upload and download times are faster.

Increase your 4K UHD streaming, gaming, and video conferencing speeds with super-fast wifi. Even if your family is streaming movies or uploading media files during busy Internet hours, you can improve the performance of all your smart home gadgets.

  • Processor with three cores running at 1.5GHz

You’ll be able to enjoy your new smartphone much more quickly than previously.

NETGEAR strives to make setup and maintenance as simple as possible so you can get connected quickly and stay connected!

  • WiFi speeds of more than 1 Gigabit per second

For lightning-fast streaming and downloading to newer mobile devices, take advantage of WiFi speeds of more than 1Gbps.

  • Safe Sharing

With Ax5200, sharing across your network is straightforward and fun, such as accessing stored photos and music.

  • Ease of Using

Netgear Ax5200 strives to make setup and maintenance as simple as possible so you can get connected quickly and stay connected!

Key Features

  • 3 times faster than an AC router For fast wifi connections, 6-stream WiFi with up to 5.2Gbps is available.
  • More WiFi means more gadgets. OFDMA provides for the efficient delivery of data to many devices at the same time. Uplink OFDMA enhances scheduling for high-volume upload traffic, especially when such traffic is generated concurrently. Support for 160MHz channels: Gigabit speeds are provided for suitable mobile devices and laptops by doubling the rates provided by 80MHz channels.
  • Processor with high performance: The 1.5GHz triple-core CPU guarantees seamless 4K UHD streaming and gaming.
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports: Connect as many connected devices as possible for quicker file transfers and uninterrupted connectivity.