Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Domain And Hosting

Learning from mistakes is part of the process. It is always good to have one, but there are times when you may not be able to afford to make one. The same is the case with cheap domain and hosting here. You simply cannot afford to make any mistakes while hosting your business website. Your online reputation may also be at risk, in addition to the financial costs associated with an hour of downtime. To avoid that, we have mentioned mistakes that you should avoid while choosing a domain and hosting. 

  • Hyphen

Hyphens, at times, can degrade the text. Your domain name shouldn’t contain hyphens. Using hyphens gives a domain an unprofessional and cheap appearance. According to research, domain names that contain hyphens are more likely to perform poorly than those that do not.

No matter how alluring a domain name that has already been reserved may be. Never add a hyphen to a domain name to make it resemble one that is already taken. A domain name with a hyphen is challenging to communicate, making it challenging for your client to write.

  • Name that are hard to spell or pronounce

When choosing a domain, take your clients into account. To ensure that customers can easily search for and enter the name, make sure the choice of name sounds as it is written. Avoid choosing a name that will be challenging for customers to write or read. They’ll overlook the website and make a purchase from another that sounds a lot like yours.

When choosing a domain, take your market into account. Don’t register a domain name with a global reach if your target audience is local. Consider your market when choosing a domain name, and adapt it to your culture. There are several best ecommerce hosting available for the same. 

  • Use of trademarks 

Keep this in mind when looking for a new domain name because it is quite significant. Even if you think the domain you want only contains common words, any of them could be trademarks in your industry, in which case the trademark holder could sue you and seize the domain. Avoid that. 

  • Opting for a very long name

It’s not necessary to design a domain that’s difficult to type. When a domain name is too long, it needs to be shortened to make it easier to enter.

A long name could be detrimental because it might make it harder for users of touchscreen devices, like phones, to access your website. Additionally, it may be challenging for website visitors to recall the domain name. Users may find it to be quite difficult in the future.


The process will be simple and quicker to select the cheap domain and hosting now that you are fully informed about what to do and what not to do when choosing a name for your domain. Henceforth when it comes to choosing the hosting, research for the best ecommerce hosting and then select the one that goes with your requirement the most!