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Marketing Smart With Marketer Magic – A Way To Grow Your Business

Entrepreneurs know very well that they can find their target viewers online. Well, they cannot just relax and watch their competitors make a move. If the competition is happening over the Internet, then they will surely follow them and start promoting their brand digitally. Every technique that marketers are using today integrates their skills with the advanced technology. That’s why IT experts are also dealing with various strategies in line with the business. So, to compete with the other brands, you have to equip your team with the skills, knowledge and the right tools.

You can do this by hiring experts in smart marketing strategies, where they can use various tools like the Marketer Magic in enhancing your current or future techniques. Well, if you can visit, then you will be able to know more about your online business needs. Keep in mind that these experts have their own means and ways of promoting your products and services. This means that they may be using different applications, software or tools. Anyway, as long as you can meet your goals and expectations, you have nothing to worry.

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Going back to the development of your digital marketing technique, doing the smart and automated way is your first step in promoting your brand. The task may be quite complicated for a layman. However, working on this matter is easy for a person with such expertise. Entrepreneurs had been looking for powerful and effective tools that can help them grow their business. I guess, you have come up with the right decision, and that is to apply Marketer Magic in your platform. This is a software collection, compact and designed with systems for a specific function or feature.

Many Leads

Let’s say that you need any details or information, which is essential to your B2B company. Some of you may find this unnecessary, especially when you do not provide products and services to other companies. Well, maybe you do not need it for now, but sooner or later, you will be looking for data. Since it is already in the suite, then finding contacts would be easier for you.

When you are not in a B2B setting, then the data is still very helpful. You can use this as a lead for a faster way of sending information or promoting your brand to the target. It could either be through social media channels because you may be able to collect various social media accounts. It could be useful in sending promotional content as well. Therefore, it can help you in many ways, especially in looking for contacts that can turn targets to clients.

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Email Verifier and Template

Every application used online that needs user registration will surely look for a valid email address. Most of the time, the readers find pop up messages, where they are asked to fill in and enter a verified email address – so, how was email verified?. These contacts are saved in a particular database, so that the user can later on receive newsletters, vouchers and updates about the products and services.

Now, through this email verifier, you will not simply send messages that will just stay in the spam folder. It has a special automated function and that is to make sure that this message will be in the inbox. I guess, this is a good campaign that would be very helpful in promoting your brand and growing your business as well.

Another good thing here is that, there are already templates that you may use on sending these mails and acquiring clients. This will save your time and effort spent in emailing tasks. 

Click Proof

This tool will allow you to create a confirmed tag and funnel. It is very useful to users, who are signing up in your application or landing page. Through this, you will be able to display the number of visitors and active users as well as recent activities on the page.

If you are using social media in promoting your products and services, then this suite is very helpful. This is also common among online shops and could be used in attracting users as well. Anyway, this is applied, using an add-on or a snippet. Having this on your page or system will allow you to monitor traffic and interaction on the site. 


Some of the links used in the websites are flagged as spams and that is because it is not secured and not certified. These are considered as risks, that’s why you often block and report these links. But this link MiniMe comes with a secured and safe link – read more about security on the URL. With this, your landing page or websites can be viewed in different channels and platforms. 

Through this tool you can use links in various ways. For example, this can serve as a shortener, where you will simply click a button with a URL. Another one is the splitter, where you can choose where this URL goes. It is also used to retarget a specific link, which is useful in sharing contents. 

While others are using this as deep links, which is designed for applications, where is opened through the browser of the phone or mobile device. And then, link trees are also used for categorizing and in multiple pages.

Work Hub

Here, you are also going to setup your work hub. Of course, you will be working as a marketer and will usually plan on working the tasks with your other team members. Well, let’s say that this suite will allow you to make a better plan of your project or campaign, especially when it comes to the platform.

Actually, this is an ideal way of monitoring the progress of your project. You can check, a daily or weekly progress and how far the new campaign is going. Sometimes, you do not meet your members, so there is not enough time to look at their work. Well, this tool is like a virtual meeting because you can actually check their performance.