Managed WordPress Hosting: Why it is worth the cost.

Hosting is amongst the critical components of any successful website. Choosing the correct WordPress hosting can significantly impact your rankings and sales. Shared hosting is usually cheaper and provides the bare minimum. Managed WordPress hosting is comparatively costlier. But, why should you pay more for the managed WordPress hosting? 

Read on to know the benefits that a managed WordPress hosting provides, and why it is worth the cost.

Automatic updates

In a managed webpage hosting, updates and security fixes are almost immediately applied to your website, soon as they roll out. Some hosts even notify you in advance so that you are prepared. The automatic updates ensure that your site is up-to-date and better defended from attacks.

Automatic backups

In a managed WordPress hosting, the host takes regular backups of your site. They also give you an option of scheduling backups. These backups make your site easy to restore in case something happens to your website.

Better support

A managed WordPress hosting would give you better support than shared hosting. A managed hosting entitles you to a better quality of support and quick resolution of any issue that may crop up. This ensures that there isa minimum effect on your site and also helps in reducing downtime significantly.

Automatic setup

Automatic setup allows your website to be up and running in a matter of minutes. When you want a new website, the WordPress install is initiated automatically. All you need to do is input your credentials, and you are good to go.

Staging previews

A staging environment is a perfect copy of your website,which is available only to you. You can try out new templates, add plugins, and modify the code, without any of the changes being reflected on your original website. The staging environment is handy for testing things before you go live with the changes.

Customised dashboards

Regular dashboards are populated with too much information, much of which is not needed by you. However, a managed WordPress hosting dashboard is customised to show only the things that you need. For example, you will be shown your site reach and will be notified in case any of your pluginsare outdated.

Improved caching

The WordPress environment is predictable, and hence the implementation of an effective server-side caching is possible. Even though you can have a WordPress caching plugin, your server will need to load WordPress before it can deliver the results. With a managed WordPress hosting plugin, you can have a server-level caching. In this, the server bypasses the WordPress application to deliver the results directly. This results in faster load times and better performance.

Enhanced security

Automatic updates, regular and on-demand backups, and better support make for a secure environment for your website in a managed WordPress hosting. Every host has strict policies. In case of a security issue, you will be immediately notified, and the host resolves it at the earliest. 

Along with faster load time, enhanced security, and better support, managed WordPress hosting can help your site rank better in search results too. All of these can help attract more business and give excellent returns on your investment.

Hence, a managed WordPress hosting is worth the cost.