Know all about Ibis Paint X in detail

Windows 10 is all set to bring you to use all the apps of your android phone like Ibis Paint X on your PC without any limitations by simply downloading Android emulator, Bluestacks. Ibis Paint X is one of the best apps out launched by Ibis Inc. It has millions of downloads and is one of the most popular apps on smartphones, both Android and iOS.

It is a drawing app, but it doesn’t just have features of a drawing app. It also allows you to record your self-drawing too. The app is an amazing option for all those art and painting students who want to develop their drawing skills and perfect it. Often you would like to draw on PC and at this time, the emulator comes to your rescue. The awesome isn’t just recommended for people who aren’t professional drawers, but also for those who are professionals in this field. So, whether you are an artist or not, the tools and techniques of the app will help you come up with a unique and perfect drawing.

Some of the features of Ibis Paint X are given below:

The app is highly recommended for those users who want to express their feelings via drawing. It has a lot of tools to help you enhance your drawing skills. You can even upload the videos online and share your artwork with your friends all over the world. 

Brush functions

There is a wide range of brushes such as dip pens, pencils, felt tip pens, digital pens, fan brushes, crayons, digital pens, stamps along with air brushes, charcoal brush, oil brushes and flat brushes. The best thing is that you can quickly just adjust the brush’s thickness and get brush preview live. So, you have plethora of parameters to adjust the brush and get anything you want. 

Ibis Paint X has lots of materials, features and over 2500 of best tools which will help you in developing your drawing skills in the best manner. It has more than 700 fonts which offer 312 brushes, amazing number of filters, beautiful blending moves, screentones to help you in your drawing. The app is not just a drawing app. It helps you in perfecting your drawing skills and then share everything you have drawn with your dear ones on in the community.

Layer features

It comes with unlimited layouts. You can easily adjust every layer to match with your drawing.

There are several tutorial videos on Ibis Paint X available on the YouTube Channel. As sometimes the Ibis Paint X features appear complicated or new to the users, these tutorials play a great help to them. So, check out the videos and get to know about the right use of this app. Read more to find out about how to use Ibis Paint X on PC.

If you want to use Ibis Paint X on your PC, then you need to download an emulator for this purpose. will help you in downloading the app on your PC.