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Kitchen Stories – Learn and find best Recipes

You know what they say about cooking, cooking is a form of love. And as Thomas Keller once said, “A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Food has the universal power to bring people together despite distance, cultural barriers, and social norms. Cooking is also considered to be therapeutic. If you’re someone who loves and is passionate about cooking, I got some fantastic news for you! Kitchen stories is an android app that facilitates all your cooking fantasies and helps it become a reality. It also won the Google Play’s Design Award! It includes numerous free recipes from around the world, instruction videos of HD quality and also many articles on baking and cooking meant just for you. You also have the opportunity to post your own recipes and share it amongst thousands of users around the world and flaunt your little talent and passion for cooking. These recipes vary from beginner levels to experts and facilitates all cooks from around the globe.

Kitchen stories includes many features to expand your cooking experience and make it an exciting one. The instructional video tutorials help you to expertise your cooking skills step by step with no hassle at all. They are easy to follows and also includes step by step pictures and instructional videos to make life easy for you. You also get to commence your own personal profile where you can save and share your extravagant recipes to viewers. If you’re someone who likes sharing your recipes and dishes you can surely do that using this platform absolutely free. It also helps avoid hassle in your everyday hectic schedule by allowing you to plan your own grocery list with the feature of an ‘automatically generated shopping list’.

Food can be of multiple preference. A group of people can also have a variety of preferences and cooking for a group could be exhausting. But Kitchen stories got you covered! You can access multiple recipes of Vegan, Non-Vegan, Gluten-free, and low-calorie diets to from breakfast to dinner to whenever you want! This can be done simply by searching the dish of your preference on the search bar. 

It also includes a variety of desserts for you to indulge yourself in. Something your family, friends and kids would love. Once you own Kitchen stories, it will sure be your best cooking pal for a lifetime! It does not matter if you cook for yourself or your family or for your friends. With kitchen stories, every single day can indeed be a feast of your choice!

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