Introducing Gtriip


Technology is what separates you from the rest!

Gtriip brings in the world’s first affordable contactless identity verification system. There are numerous ways to confirm the identity of the user and grant him access to the building. The recent crisis proves the need for contactless systems to increase efficiency and minimize the risk associated. Gtriip contactless verification allows the visitors and staff to confirm their identity digitally to get access to the building.

Smartphone check-in to hotels

Gtriip AI-powered facial biometric identification system uses the selfie to match with the credentials. We use AI technology to scan the individual’s registered unique facial features to identify him and grant him access. One thing is clear that such security technology is vital to combat the spread of infections. We have also inbuilt iris biometric authentication for high security via iris recognition. We mainly benefit the hospitality industry and workplaces. The guests can simply perform smartphone check-in to hotels ( ).

Gtriip access control authentication system at offices-

Gtriip has launched Aegis for our corporate clients. Aegis dedicates digital keys to all your employees for their efficient access to the workplace. This ensures that their valuable time is only devoted to the growth of the company. Know how aegis offers workplace mobile keys to the employees at Also, this technology is end-to-end encrypted for the security of a database.

For visitors, Gtriip has a fast and reliable visitor management solution. This validates their credibility with the help of a facial verification system. Aegis is helpful for the reception staff for managing and allowing the visitors to the office. This enhances their productivity and ultimately benefits your firm. Note, that this is a one-time investment that will prove worthy enough for your growth shortly.

  • Smart control – Gtriip system has smart and intelligent face recognition sensors. They accurately identify pre-verified employees and grant them access. The hosts can configure the system with the details of their staff for their rights to the specific areas of the office.
  • Ultimate safety – digital verification systems are safer than physical ones. It accounts for error-free documentation of the visitor’s list with their complete details. You can completely rely on this technology by Gtriip.
  • Online registration – Your employees and visitors can get themself registered online for the access pass instead of having to be in a queue for long hours with social distancing maintained.

COVID-19 has brought us to an unprecedented need of reducing physical contact. This calls for leveraging the current identity verification systems to seamless contactless technology. With Gtriip, you get the complete support of the experts. Your switch from a physical to a digital verification system will be closely monitored by us. Our customer support network is strong enough to catch the slightest inconvenience you encounter. Contact for a free demo!

This transformative technology is the future of the nation!