How to start Coding for Newbies?

If you know nothing about coding and want to learn to code, the best way is to jump right into it. Like any other new skill, even this will take time and effort and most importantly — tons of practice. Coding is a lot more fun if you do not look at it like a task but a set of computer games. At its very basic, it is that. When you start to code and run it through a compiler, the result is all your focus is on. Code might seem complicated at first, but as you start to understand the jargon and the meanings behind them, they are easy to comprehend. Here are a few steps to keep in mind when you start.  

Step1: Determine your Motivation

When you know to code, what is it that you want to do with it? There are many applications; but what is yours. Do you want to develop software, make a profession from it or simply learn the basics for fun? Many business owners learn to code to enhance their work. This can be making apps and company websites. When you know what your motivation is, you learn better rather than just picking up on the knowledge you will never use. 

Step 2: What’s the language for you? 

If you know what the reason for learning to code is, you will need to narrow down on the language. Programming for beginners could be overwhelming since there are so many options to pick from. Also, the lack of knowledge is a big disadvantage. A newbie can never be sure what language is the right fit. Talk to an expert in the field or explore your options online. 

Step 3: Invest Time in an Online Course

You can choose to learn from free platforms or a paid service. There are many videos available for free on websites like YouTube and Vimeo. However, these could be generic and not help you reach specific goals. You can also opt for a free online course that can help you start to code using interactive video tools and short-term tasks. 

Step 4: Practice and Practice

We said it twice because that’s how important it is. The only way to master coding is by regular and prolonged practice. This means you spend dedicated time each day writing code and running experiments until you are comfortable with the new language. Check out platform such as where you can play a specific game to learn coding.