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How to protect your cryptocurrency wallet from tracking

Possessing a Bitcoin wallet is not surprising nowadays. It is considered to be a must-have option for every citizen just like a banking card. People use crypto wallets to run business projects, to do online shopping, to accomplish personal needs. They always care about privacy values and confidentiality. With growing interest in cryptocurrency and its overwhelming popularity Bitcoin cannot be guaranteed to be anonymous. For this reason, attackers can connect coins to IP addresses and track personal data. The cryptocurrencies network is using Tor and other techniques to hide IP addresses from attackers. 

The way cryptocurrency transactions work

You have to clarify the standard functionalities of Bitcoin transactions on the basic level. When you are using your coins they are coming from inputs to certain outputs including personal details. In that case, those blockchains of coins are traceable to the public. They are also visible for thieves who can use your data against your business. They can use your email boxes, IP addresses to view the amount of cash that you spent buying something, or some details of business agreements. So, the need of maintaining the total anonymity of Bitcoins becomes obvious.

What to do to achieve advanced anonymity

To make your cryptocurrency assets secure and safe you can search for programs that could hide your IP addresses. One of the methods is using the Tor program which initially preserves your data but not for a long time. The most significant way is to use Bitcoin mixers directly to ensure the privacy of transactions and total anonymity. BitMix tool is considered to be the leading one that is doing a great job. The crypto blender is clearing coins and then returning them to the owner, so the process of tracking becomes impossible. Your Bitcoin transactions are safe and protected from hackers.