How to kill boredom during this quarantine life?

Boredom has become one of the most serious issues faced by us during this quarantine life. But don’t worry there are also some of the amazing things to do to kill your boredom during this quarantine. Today I am going to share with you some of the beneficial techniques applied by me during this quarantine to kill my boredom.

Read books

Reading books or novels can also kill your boredom to a great extent. If you haven’t purchased the book then you can also read ebooks on your phone or can also hear audiobooks. If you are a student you can even read your class books.

Watch Netflix for free

You might surely know about Netflix as it is one of the most famous OTT platforms. Now you might be thinking how you could get Netflix accounts for free. I also have a solution for that, you can download an apk of Netflix from Google, and then you would be capable of using Netflix for free. Netflix is also a great time killer. You can start watching a series which you like and it will kill your boredom.

Learn new skills

It is a time when you don’t have any stress, you just need to stay at home, so you can use this time to learn a lot of skills. There are many platforms that could help you in gaining new skills like YouTube, Udemy. Following this would help you in two ways it will kill your boredom and most importantly you could learn a new skill.

Help your mother or wife in the kitchen

It’s the best time when you can show your love and importance towards your family, so try hard to help them in their household works like you can cut vegetables, clean the floor or you can also cook food if you can, if you can’t you can also utilize this time to learn to cook new dishes.

Spend time with kids at your home

If you are suffering from stress or boringness trust me guys spending time with kids would be the best option you could choose, no matter how boring you feel they will surely find a way to entertain you. If kids at your home are going to schools you can also help them in their studies, you can play with them, etc.

Play indoor games

If your friends are nearby during the quarantine you can also play indoor games like Ludo, Chess, etc with them. Or else you can also play online or offline games on your mobile, which would surely kill your time as well as your boredom.


As we all know that there’s a pandemic all over the world and due to there’s a lockdown almost all over the world. During this time it’s obvious to suffer from boredom but please try to compromise and follow the tips given by me to overcome this boredom but please don’t try to get out of your home.