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How to Change the Electric Power Socket Easily?

It is really very shocking to know that people nowadays are not completely aware of how to change the electric power socket (usb ปลั๊ก, which is term in Thai). Well, we all know that the easiest thing that we can do is hire an electrician perth that will perform the work on behalf of you. But for the one, who does not have any intention of hiring an electrician, let me tell them that you can change the electrical plug socket on your own. The only thing which you need to care about is that it should be handled with care; otherwise, you might end up with a fatal shock. Mentioned below is a small guide that can help you to replace your electric power socket.

Switch Off The Power

The first and foremost thing which you need to do is switch off the power of the socket that you are going to change. In addition to it, you can also turn off the main switch, which supplies power to the socket that you are about to change. After you turned it off, then in order to check whether any power supply exists to the socket or not, you can plug in an electric appliance and try running it. If not, then you can also make use of the multitester.

Open All The Screw Holdings

Once you are sure that there is no electric current running through the socket then you will have to open all the screws which are holding the power plug (ปลั๊ก ต่อ, term in Thai). Then the next thing which you need to follow up is to open the faceplate and drag the socket as far as you can. Here you need to make sure that you do not touch any of the wire presents in that socket.

Mark The Wire

The most important thing which you have to do is make a note of the wires that are connected to the socket. The reason behind doing this is that you are going to reconnect it again. Moreover, you will also notice that the wires which are connected are the ones that are color-coded. You must not forget about the wires that are about to be connected to the particular socket.

Once you are done with the process discussed above, then you will have to screw the socket in the same manner as to how you unscrew it. In the end, you will also have to turn on the main power supply and check whether it’s working fine or not.