How the Videos Work for the Internet Marketing

Using videos on your website, in addition to increasing the conversion rates and favoring engagement with your audience, can help you improve SEO positioning, since it is proven that users tend to stay up to two more minutes on pages that contain video, thus increasing the time spent on our website, one of the factors that Google values ​​when positioning us in the search results. The use of the internet marketing is essential now.

Video marketing in your corporate blog:

Check your previous blog posts and the current editorial calendar to find some articles that could be improved with the help of a video. Publications such as interviews and educational or explanatory articles are perfect to complement them with a video that helps you maintain the user’s attention, facilitate the understanding of the content and encourage their sharing.

Keep in mind that if we incorporate the video once we have already developed content in the blog, it will be conditioned to the content that we have previously created, so we must think very well how to integrate videos into what we already have, so that there is a synergy between both types of content and for link building services

Video marketing for mailing:

Although today there are still limitations for the correct integration of videos in emails, video mailing is a good option to transmit our message, since it is certainly one of the formats that offers the best results. Using a quality video and with the help of a good copywriting, we can increase the CTR, the conversions and, with it, the probabilities of sales.

Some options to include a video in our email marketing strategy are:

Use a static image of the video, with the Play button and a hyperlink that takes the user to a landing page where the video is correctly integrated, or to the YouTube channel, and that the user can view it.

Use gif image

With this option we can show fragments of the video and give more detail of what it contains. But in the same way, we will use the hyperlink that takes us directly to the video. 

Video marketing for Social Media:

Social networks have been dominated by video content, and more and more brands are making use of Social Video to highlight their publications with attractive audiovisual content. Currently social networks offer many options to create, edit and upload videos from live, 360º and loop videos, to those that disappear after 24 hours.

You can take advantage of the video to promote your physical or online store, products or services, perform tutorials, webinars, interviews, capture the FAQ or even generate news of interest to your target audience and to know about backlinks

If you use YouTube, it is recommended that you make this a dynamic and optimized channel for SEO, producing videos frequently, not only because of the engagement it generates, but because the more visitors they receive, the better positioning they will have in the Google search results and you will get Greater visibility of your brand.

Last Words

You can also take advantage of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to maximize the reach of your videos published directly on the blog or on YouTube, sharing them with your audience to achieve greater visibility. In order for the video sharing strategy to work better, you will need to integrate YouTube with other online channels used by your company, such as social networks, blog, Google Ads, etc.