How no-code app builders are defining the future.

While handling the IT department of an organization, it is inevitable to find multiple requests coming to your department. Be it new implementations or fixing errors, undoubtedly there will be plenty of backlog taking up to weeks or months to wind up. And by the time you finish resolving them, more requests would have already made it to the queue of pending work, thus creating a vicious cycle. That’s where no-code development comes into picture.

A no-code platform is basically a development platform that uses a visual development environment to allow layman users to create apps, through methods such as drag-and-drop, adding application components to create a complete application. With no-code, users don’t need prior coding knowledge to create apps. Yes, it is very much true that not everyone needs to learn coding. It is very much like non-technical business users creating their own full-fledged applications. The no-code development is really changing the industry.

Benefits of No-code Application Builder:

Better Agility:

Building apps via no-code web application development is much faster as it is built using pre-built modules. That aids in your organization becoming that much agiler. It is not just about less coding, but the testing process is also automated, thus saving that much time and effort.


Talented developers are not just difficult to find but they are also rather expensive. No-code solutions give you a way to bypass that. It takes away a lot of the overhead cost that comes with requiring a skilled team of developers on staff all the time. Plus it also means cheaper in the longer run as building apps becomes that much faster.

Increased Productivity

Since these no-code apps can be built at a much faster pace, the IT staff aren’t overloaded with requests from every other department. In turn, fewer people are waiting for you so they can get their work done. They’re already making their own apps and working. What used to take months, or even years, can now be done in a matter of hours and days.

Easily Changeable:

The coding language is easily not everybody’s cup of tea. This means that you can’t really change a functionality or a feature at the drop of a hat. A no-code development platform is the exact opposite. If you need to change something in an app you’ve developed, all it takes is the new logic, and you can implement the change in a matter of hours.

Checkbox is one such company that has proved its mettle over and over again. Whenever it is about no-code app builder, they are trusted by the best for being the easiest to use and yet most powerful platform in terms of enabling self-serve and automated decision-making, document-generation and workflows so that your team can focus on higher value tasks. 

Features of Checkbox No-code App Platform

Information Intake – Capture and triage information from users or systems using dynamic forms

Decision Engine – Design rules and decision-tree logic, including calculations and weighted scores

Document Generation – Automatically generate documents, ready-to-go and styled in your preferred template

Workflow Automation – Automate processes including approvals, bulk processes, scheduled tasks & reminders

Audit Trail – Audit trail that tracks every question, response, comment and action made by users

Approvals – Approve or reject responses by using comments and centralised tracking

Dashboards – Get instant insight into data otherwise lost in manual ways of working

Integrations – Work seamlessly across Checkbox and your existing tools

Checkbox can effortlessly transform your team by:

  •       Improving accuracy, standardisation, and compliance with systemised knowledge
  •       Getting to answers and outcomes quicker with a self-service automated journey
  •       Eliminating tedious processes and allow teams to focus on high value work

Simply put, automation solutions like that offered by enables you to speed things along and not have everything stuck in an inbox somewhere. It also lets your business users create their own applications, without needing to know how to code. Check out the free personalised demo, and see if it fits your needs.