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Imagine having a friend with similar interests like you, how amazing it would be! In today’s world, socializing even with your close friend has got virtual. Mobile application development Dubai helps you develop mobile app which lets you find similar minded people around you with whom you can connect virtually. This app motivates you to socialize with people physically.

Users can choose various interests according to them and can invite people to connect with them. It helps in increasing engagement and connection with the people. 


  • Interests

We do everything based on our interest and what we like. Social media has all types of content including which are not our interests. So, an app which helps you find similar minded people can produce content based on their interests, likes and dislikes. You can select an add more than 50 interest and can connect with similar minded people.

  • Network

You can build a network with people of same interests. This makes your connection strong. You can create your friend circle for more personalization, through the app.

  • Search

You can search your friends with common similarities and ask them to connect. You can chat with them personally. 

  • Events

You can create events and ask them to join through the app. With this you can increase your engagement with people.

  • Connection

Socializing with similar minded people allows you to make a personal connection with them. Personalized chat allows to communicate with complete privacy and security. 

  • Likes

You can mention your hobbies, likes and dislikes. You can also connect with people based on them.

  • Views

You can share your views on world, parenting, political, religious, cultural and many more.

With mobile application development Dubai, you can keep your account either private or public. This app is a new way to socialize according to your interests. You can connect with similar minded people easily. Users can create their activities and also post & share with others. Finding similar minded people mobile app is user-friendly.

With mobile application development Dubai, you can connect with people who are having common goals and mutual interest through the app. You can see what others can post and share. With mobile application development Dubai, this app is a great way to make new friends and meet new people as it is safe, fast & simple. You can share your post with as per your only specific audience.  

DXB apps can develop a mobile app which can find similar minded people with all your requirements. Mobile application development Dubai can make it a profitable app. DXB apps can give you a better experience.