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How Does KVM Technology Benefit Websites with VPS Hosting?

As a site owner, choosing the perfect web hosting plan is important to ensure seamless site performance. There are many options to choose from, like shared hosting, VPS Server Hosting, dedicated server hosting, etc. In recent years, VPS with cPanel has evolved as a preferred hosting server due to the range of benefits offered by it.

When you buy VPS Hosting, your website is stored on a virtual server created by the host by using server virtualization techniques. Each virtual server is isolated from the others, has dedicated resources, and full root access. You can choose between a Windows and Linux VPS based on your site’s needs. There are various virtualization technologies used by hosting providers to create virtual servers. KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a virtualization technology in-built in Linux that helps turn the OS into a hypervisor.

The following video illustrates the KVM Hypervisor technology:

Today, we will be talking about KVM technology and look at the advantages offered by it.

Benefits offered by KVM Technology for websites with VPS Hosting

There are many providers offering a VPS Server in India. While each of them might use different virtualization technology, here are some reasons why you should opt for a KVM VPS Server.

1.     Server isolation and dedicated resources

Most other virtualization technologies share the server’s resources. However, with KVM, each virtual machine is isolated from the others on the host node and has a separate kernel, operating system, and control panel. KVM also ensures that each virtual server has dedicated resources like RAM and CPU.

2.     Maximum control over the virtual server

KVM allows the host to offer full root access to users. Hence, you can install any third-party applications and make changes to the settings as needed by your site. Further, most providers offer a pre-installed cPanel that makes server management easy and hassle-free.

3.     Cost-efficiency

A VPS plan is costlier than a shared hosting plan but cheaper than a dedicated server plan. However, with account isolation, dedicated resources, and full root access, it offers a hosting environment similar to a dedicated server. This makes it a highly cost-efficient option for websites that have outgrown a shared hosting plan but don’t need a dedicated server.

4.     No noisy-neighbour problem

Since KVM isolates virtual servers on the host node, the performance of other users on the physical web server will not affect your site. Hence, if any other user faces a problem, your account remains unaffected. You are protected from the unnecessary risks associated with an irresponsible ‘neighbour-user’.

5.     Dedicated IP

KVM creates virtual servers with dedicated IPs. Hence, you have complete control over your mail server. Being the sole user of the IP, you get better email deliverability.

Summing Up

VPS Hosting gained popularity due to the control it offers over the hosting environment without being too costly. KVM helps create virtual servers that replicate a Dedicated Server and create an isolated and dedicated hosting space for your website. It is the perfect mean of Dedicated and Shared Hosting.

If you are thinking of buying a VPS Hosting plan, then ensure that you check the virtualization technique used by the provider and understand the features and benefits you can expect from the server. Good Luck!