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How to Get Started in E Girl Gaming

E Girls are big in the gaming industry. There are a lot of them who stream and almost every single one of them have large followings. Many people view their streams and videos to see their reactions to games and how they get past different obstacles. They also get a lot of people to hire them to play with. They receive a lot of clients because a lot of people would love to get to know them and even become friends with them.

Because of how big E Girls are and their influence in the gaming world, many have tried to get into it as well. Many are trying to become E Girls themselves. But it takes more than just putting on makeup and wearing bright clothes. If you want to be a successful E Girl on Gank or on any other platform, you need to acquire some stuff first.


You need to be interested and invested in the type of content you’re going to create if you want to get started in E Girl Gaming. You must first look at what are the things you enjoy. Do you enjoy MOBA games? RPG’s? FPS games? You could get good at any type of game you want, even casual games. As long as you’re invested in it and enjoy it, your viewers or your clients will enjoy watching and playing with you. People can really notice if you’re not into what you’re playing. They could say you’re only playing it because it’s the big game everyone is talking about. But if you’re not into the game, you don’t have to force yourself into it. You could play many other indie games and you would still have lots of engagement.

Proper Equipment

Of course, you’re going to need a decent set up if you plan on streaming. It’ll be hard to record videos on a laptop that can’t even run Plants vs. Zombies properly. Your viewers would just see a PowerPoint presentation of your gameplay. You’re going to need a decently built PC that can run OBS Studio to help you play and record.

A decent Gaming platform can also help you when you’re playing with your clients from Gank. You wouldn’t be a burden to them as you wouldn’t be playing the game in 10 frames per second and you wouldn’t be dying every minute because you can’t hit the enemies. If you play on a current gen console, this won’t be much of a problem for you as their hardware is fairly decent. Don’t forget good internet connection as well. If you want to play with other people or stream your gameplays, it is a must. Having someone to talk to is one of the main reasons why people hire other gamers to play with. Good communication is hard to achieve if your net is not all that great.

The Looks/Attitude

Being an E Girl doesn’t mean you should just wear bright clothes and plaster makeup onto your face. Whatever it is you wear or put on for your career, it should describe who you are. Wear whatever makes you feel special and whatever makes you feel you. You also need to have the right attitude. No one likes the rude acting pretty girl type. Just be respectful and play the games. There’s no need for you to be toxic.

Being an E Girl is not just all about “Lights, Camera, Action!” There’s a lot you need to keep in mind as well. If you’re ready and have everything set, feel free to start streaming or go to Gank to find other players to game with.