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Here’s how AR Can Enhance Your Real Word Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) is an advanced version of the real physical world accomplished through the use of digital graphic elements, other sensory, sounds stimuli delivered through technology. It has created lots of buzz and it is one of the biggest trends right now and also considering the trend. AR is surely going to be a major trend as smartphones and other devices get accessible.

Perhaps the best example for AR is Pokemon Go which was released in 2016 and suddenly it was an inevitable success. We locate and capture the pokemon characters in the real world on your sidewalks or even in your bathroom in the game. It changed the gaming reality today!

AR is used in gaming and others such as shopping apps as you can put your product in 3d view. Also, Photography apps like Snapchat, As AR is always in buzz and slowly everything is being adapted by it. The future for AR is the major trend. It would be a storm as it will be available on more devices and platforms.

AR is not only limited to gaming, it spreads across various other sections such as entertainment. An ar app called Fectar lets you access various objects or content in 3D Reality with your smartphone.

This app lets you watch anything, be it cars or various other things you can view that object in 3D through this app. So Fectar can help your kids learn and help them in their education by viewing all the objects in real life through a smartphone. Hence, students can get a 3D view of that particular object and make their studies interactive. Even teachers can use a Hologram model to explain to students. Thus this also makes students understand and make their education interactive. Isn’t it fascinating?

You might be thinking this would be helpful for students only. But that doesn’t hold. This app can let you see a product before buying it. Amazing right? If you want to buy a red shoe, you can search for the product within the Fectar app and you can see the shoe which you are buying. This is not only limited to shoes there are various other products you can check out in a 3D object.

The Fector app can also let you see other objects and give you real-life experience. Such as you can also see automobiles like various cars, bikes and you get a virtual reality glance. The Fectar apps also let you create 3D objects for yourselves so you can enhance the experience to an immersive level.

Doesn’t this sound interesting? All you need to do is download the Fectar app from Play Store or App store and enjoy the experience of 3D objects in real life through your smartphones or tablets. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and enjoy the experience.