Handy Skills to Have Around the House in 2021

2020 was a really crazy year for all of us. It has upended our lives and turned our world upside down. It has forced us to be resilient and resourceful, to be more competent and creative.

A lot of us who got stuck at home for a few months during the lockdown season somehow picked up a new skill or two. People learned new hobbies and crafts, some more meaningful and useful than others, but new skills were added to our arsenal, increasing our worth.

That being said, we have taken the liberty of listing some of the skills that will prove to be handy in 2021, considering the present climate we’re in.

Skills that will Prove to be Useful around the House in 2021

  1. Vehicle Troubleshooting
    Since a lot of businesses shut down when the pandemic started to spread stateside, people have developed certain skills that they typically would pay for. This includes car maintenance and troubleshooting. While the economy has been reopened and businesses have resumed operations now, learning how to maintain and troubleshoot your own vehicle properly will prove very useful in the long run.
  2. Computer Repair
    Since almost everything is being done online right now — remote work, distance/online learning, and business transactions, among other things — the ability to repair your personal computeror laptop is a skill that will serve you well in 2021.
  3. Organizing
    Once people were sent back to their homes during the lockdown season, many started to pull off a Marie Kondo and organized their homes. Decluttering, cleaning, and organizing has been a form of therapy for a lot of these folks that once they were done with their home reorganization, they somehow felt some relief from anxiety and stress.

That being said, organizing will continue to be a helpful skill that will serve you at home whether it has to do with only domestic concerns or if you’re working from home.

  1. Home Improvement and Repairs
    Home improvements have become quite popular over the lockdown season that lots of houses took on a new and improved appearance just because the occupants were bored. It’s a great skill to learn, especially if you plan to give your home a facelift but don’t have enough money to pay for professional handymen.
  2. Money Management
    One of the most important life skills to have, regardless of the season, is financial skills. The pandemic caught us all off-guard. It led to a series of downsizing, retrenchments, furloughs, and layoffs. Unfortunately, a lot of people who found themselves jobless during this time did not have emergency funds or savings. People are wiser now. They now see how valuable proper money managementis, especially in light of an emergency or crisis.
  3. Kitchen Skills
    If you search Google for the top items sold for the entire duration of the lockdown, you will find that cooking and baking equipment and tools are some of the most popular items sold online. Many folks honed their skills in the kitchen for different reasons, Some out of boredom, others have always wanted to learn how to cook but never had the time, and still, others went to the kitchen and created a side hustle out of it. Whatever your intentions are, learning your way around the kitchen is an efficient skill that will benefit you your whole life.

What do you think about this list? Do you have any other skills that you think would be practical and helpful in 2021, considering the present circumstances? Chime in below in the comments section so we can talk about it.