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Great And Super Useful Technology Of Artificial Intelligence Era

The wireless presenter with rich interactive functionalities boosts the productivity and efficiency to a new level and offers an experience of more advanced AI era. You have seen how companies, institutions, and various public speaker events are now ditching the outdated technology of LCD or LED display which is being used in the classrooms, meeting rooms, etc. They have laser pointers which are no longer suitable in today’s AI world. The development of air mouse along with the dedicating wireless presenters which are now sufficed with the visual recognition suitability allows the indicators to display content on any display devices.

Stepping Stone for Future

Well, it is very clear that how future presentations can be very clearly marked as the newer approach to the image processing of FPGA based pictures which can be displayed using the wireless presenter. With the help of image processing and visual recognition technology, the positioning on the presenter must have the same pointing directivity as that of laser pointers however, it can be used on different display devices. 

The easy-to-use air mouse and other features for details like zooming, interactive functionality of pointing and marking, etc. is a wealth of presenter which makes the presentation engaging and seamless. 

Advantages for Real-time Operations

With wireless presenter and air mouse functionality, there is no delay in the projection of content. Everything goes really smooth and the presenter will not fail to impress with its image quality. All you need to do is just plug and play the device. There is no requirement for installing the software or running it. There is only one requirement that screen must have the HDMI input where the presenter can be plugged. The standard HDMI input in presenter is compatible with any operating system and if there is no input then use the HDMI adapter to allow it gets connected with LED display.