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Give Your Website A Boost With A Perfect SEO Strategy

A business is as good as its website. Today 50% and above website traffic is generated by organic search results. In this scenario, having a customised SEO strategy helps immensely to ensure good search engine rankings and web traffic.

But building and adopting an appropriate SEO strategy is not enough. If the strategy is not reviewed, renewed and resurrected at regular intervals, the traffic tends to peter out. An SEO management service holds the key to ensuring a long lasting, result yielding SEO empowerment for a website. It is a long-term commitment to a business to ensure achievement of its business, sales and marketing goals.

A proper SEO management involves 4 very important steps. They are:

  • Audience research: Having a thorough understanding of the target market forms the basis of every SEO strategy. Knowing what the audience wants from the services, products or business marketed, having an understanding of the demographics, the POC for resolution of issues etc.; these are questions that the audience research successfully answers. Since consumer behaviour changes from time to time, this research needs to be regularly updated.
  • Competitor analysis: Forming the core of an SEO management service this analysis offers an insightful understanding of the SEO strategy of:
    • The direct competitors who sell the same products and thus offer direct online and offline competition and
    • The indirect competitors who, by virtue of falling in the same business category, fight for the same place in search results.
  • Website optimisation: This is a time-consuming and very important step. The success of a business depends on how well their websites are optimised. A successful website optimisation includes optimisation of:
    • Title tags,
    • Meta descriptions,
    • Headings,
    • Images and

Keyword stuffing and black-hat tactics should be avoided at all costs. They are detrimental to a website’s search engine rankings.

  • Monthly reporting: SEO strategies generate data. Analysis of this data gives a clear indication of the success of the SEO strategy implemented. Areas of improvement can be found and data backed decisions taken to make the strategy stronger and more result oriented.

The steps are simple yet complex but implementing SEO management tactics ensure a path to success that is organised, goal oriented and specific to the business. Website management is an important contributor to the success of the business and needs to be given its due importance.