Get the hassle-free tracking with Employee Shift Scheduling Software

The shift management software has emerged to be an interactive interface for various companies to improve their communication skills among their team members. Whether it’s a manufacturing industry or a pharmaceutical industry, the users of the shift tracker software can opt for shift handover in a hassle-free way. The app further allows the project supervisors to compile every team-related information on this platform and thereby ensures that the team maintains direct information. Moreover, the teams can even share their live reports with their supervisors. The best part is that these reports can be accessed anytime and anywhere with just one click. 

For most industries, the real challenge lies in finding an effective employee shift scheduling software. In fact, there are hardly any efficient apps that can keep a round-the-clock connection among the team. Thus, Shiftconnector is one of a kind because we not only allow effective connection among team members but also help in presenting information as clearly as possible.


The shift tracker app collects all data, stores them in an auditable version and provides a complete overview to the users. Not only that, the app highlights the changes and events that took place over time throughout the project. This makes it easier for managers to remain up-to-date regarding the progress of the shifts. Moreover, the facility of direct communication between managers and team members helps both the parties to seamlessly exchange shift notes and other important directives. The app takes into consideration all-new status updates, priorities or special events and presents clear data to its users. 

Shift Update Verification

For instance, if any new shift handover takes place, the app allows the managers and team members to electronically sign the latest updates so that there arises no discrepancy. It gives a brief overview of the changes that took during the course of time and relates that data with the new changes. Further, it allows the teams to remain updated regarding the happenings of the previous shift. Thus, from the previously stored data, users can analyze the performance and efficiency of the team and find out the sources of error (if any). In this way, the shift management software provides great potential for real-time optimization. 


The shift tracker software gives a complete visual presentation of the team’s performance. Moreover, the users can also get statistical figures so that they can easily filter out the data and search for faults and errors that might have mistakenly happened. Additionally, they can control the data and check if there is any room for improvements among the team members. The app brings in various tools for quality assurance that can help the users to compare the shift operations and evaluate them, accordingly. 


  • Proper Management

With the help of this employee shift scheduling software, the supervisors can look into specific criteria of the shift as and when they need. For example, if someone wants to get an overview of the quality and productivity of a particular shift, then they can easily do it. As a result, one no longer needs to go through piles of registers to get simple information.

  • Maintenance

The shift tracker app provides an integrated calendar for any type of preventive maintenance. It has improved the overall efficiency of daily reporting and sudden meetings. The app further helps in creating a task list, which can remain accessible to external contractors if required.

  • Best-Quality

The shift management software is not only helpful for industries to ease their shift handover process, rather it provides the team members to improve their working skills. In this case, live reports and shift evaluation are of great help. Moreover, the shift tracker app uses CAPA, which controls operations and gives direct information to the shift members.

Pros of the Shiftconnectors Software:

  • It identifies the risks that are associated with shift handovers and help in reducing them effectively.
  • The app helps in maintaining coordination among the team members and supervisors so that there is no lack of communication skills.
  • In case there is some problem regarding shift handover, the app can suggest procedures to expedite the whole process. It can also help in planning the maintenance work within a particular shift.
  • For new or incoming shifts, the app provides an overview of the progress of the previous shift so that they can easily catch up from where they left.
  • Above all, the data is structured in an organized and easy-to-read format, thereby allowing the users to quickly search them without any difficulty. 

All-in-one App

When the teams remain up-to-date regarding every task, the company can never fail to progress effectively. Thus, this employee shift scheduling software is a must for every industry. Get this shift tracker app today and avoid tedious organizational tasks to gain the best team output.