Four essential tips to get the best sound from your turntable

Having looked at best headphones , amplifiers, speakers, most of us tend to forget how handy turntables can be. The increasing demand of multi-room audio system has given way for high-quality turntables with wireless streaming capabilities. Compared to other physical set-ups, vinyl is trending in the current market and brands are introducing affordable plug and play vinyl devices.

There are some techniques or additional equipment upgrades that you need to consider, making the most out of your simple turntables.  These tips will help any budding vinyl enthusiast to optimize the setup and enjoy music to its fullest.


A better setup can give the sound you crave from turntables; one of the elegant turntables out in the market is Pro-ject essential II offering great build quality, excellent sound at an affordable price. You can also look out for more than an entry turntable, such as VPI scout that offer you finest build quality.

Optimizing placement

Since turntables are sensitive instrument, you need to consider the placement to get the right function. Keep it on surface level or flatter level to take full advantage. Proper placement can help you to avoid double sound, like placing it very close the speaker can give you double sounded feedback.  Feel free to experiment with placement get the best sound quality.

Cartridge arrangement

Every tone has some variance and it’s important to ensure that your cartridge is lined up to serve different setup purposes. Look for the devices that come with a pre-mounted cartridge so that all tracks can groove at the right angle. You can also take professional help in case you need to upgrade or change the setup gauge.

The stylus tip needs to have the right contact with your records; do take note that stylus tracking should not be either very heavy or heavy light. Placing stylus tracking bouncing around the groves isn’t that right. Instead it’s recommended to place it inside grooves for better clarity.

Manual turntables

The manufacturers add a range of extra components to generate an automatic turntable and these additional parts can interfere with the sound quality at times, whereas manual turntables are sound efficient.

From avid record collector to casual listener, there has been lot of options in turntable and with right setup you can get the most out of your turntables. Make use of these tips to turn your listening incredibly rewarding! Looking for the best record player? Here are some top turntables at you can buy.