Four essential pointers to consider while designing a website for your company.

Introduction: Consumers have started to research and shop online than ever. A study shows that around 80% of shoppers do their shopping online. Business people selling services or products utilize online marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Billions of people waiting online to find suitable services or products make online marketing a massive tick. However, an efficient way of presenting the website to the consumer is essential.  The process includes grabbing their attention, making them stay a while longer, and making them buy your product or services. This article talks about four critical pointers you can’t neglect while designing a website for your business.

Strategies that attracts the customers:

  1. CAP CODE: Any online marketing that happens is subjected to regulation under the CAP code. This monitors the authenticity and protects web users from unsubstantiated claims. The CAP code comes with several marketing guidelines that the web designer is bound to follow. Claiming wrongly that the website’s product is environmentally friendly without any evidence can breach the CAD requirements. If you are looking for Expert web design Hobart residents trust- weave media.
  2. Quality content: Around 4.2 billion people are online sharing, shopping, seeking information, and for entertainment. Consumers want two things, information and the confirmation that the information they receive comes from a reliable source. Avoid the strain to attain a particular word count. Consistency paired up with quality meets the needs of the target audience. Usage of videos and images plays a vital role when creating content on the website; it is known that videos and images speak more volumes than words.
  3. Mobile/tablet variant site: Constructing a mobile-friendly website is highly important as more than 54% of the online users use them via their mobile devices or tablets. When your website fails to show the essential action icons prominently on a mobile screen, you prevent your customer from buying your product. The customer may choose to leave the site within 3 seconds if it is not mobile-friendly.
  • The navigation should not be overly filled; it may fill up the mobile phone’s entire screen and make it harder for them to view the entire site.
  • Using larger icons over text links works well when the customers browse your website from a mobile phone.
  • Should be easily managed from a 3-inch screen, frequent zooming in and zooming out makes them weary, and they would not care about the quality of the service you might provide.
  1. Large and concise headlines: According to a study carried out by EyetrackIII to better understand the way humans observe website designs and multimedia factors, the researchers noticed that human eyes are fixated at the upper left of the page. After exploring the top area for a while, they go further. This makes us construct simple yet effective headlines over images! It is evident that headlines are mostly viewed on the web; they give them the information upfront.

Take away: A business website has to convince the client and should be pleasant in their eyes. A beautifully presented plate of food and an elegantly presented website grabs the attention. It is a myth that small companies cannot achieve their business goals via online marketing as bigger ones. Hiring a skillful and website designer with good subject knowledge can bring in the shift to the company.