Find Your Way Into Instagram and Find the best Results


You never know if one of your photos can go viral in Instagram, so it is essential to add your signature or watermark to each of them. There is an application that does an excellent job, Add Watermark Free. It allows you to use a text or image as a watermark. It is very fast, useful, and with a wide variety of fonts to choose from.

Upload a photo of your last post to Instagram

A simple and very effective trick

On Facebook and Twitter we can directly share the link of our last publication, while Instagram does not allow it. Solution? Take a photo to our post and upload it as a photo. Do not forget to include a direct link to the article in the biography, since Instagram does not give you the option to include the link in the photo itself. When we talk about post, we not only include articles, but also some interesting publication or reflection on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network. From sharemyinsights you can get all the insight information of Instagram now.

Networking on Instagram

This is not only a social network to upload photos and post thousands of hashtags, it also has its strategic point if we know how to use it. First of all, if you want to reach more people on Instagram and increase web traffic, you have to “like” other photos, or leave a comment (no writing just to write, even in the comments you have to add value).


Very easy. In 99% of cases, when a stranger comments on a photo of us, the first thing we do (correct me if I’m wrong) is go to their profile and do a thorough investigation, then:

Won’t they do the same?

  • If we have the url of our website in the biography.
  • Do you think they will click? Of course.

In this way, you get to increase web traffic, and little by little it translates into new followers on Instagram, more interaction on your account, more “likes” on photos, etc.

Analyze what is your best time to post

We recommend a specific application. It’s great. It offers some very interesting statistics about your photos such as the “likes” you have got, comments, new followers, the ones you lost. In addition, it informs you about the published content, the days you were most active, the hours, the most used hashtags and filters. The data that most caught my attention was the history of “likes” and comments received, (it includes a very descriptive graph and selects the photos that worked best).

According to the analysis carried out, the best time to publish my photos is on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Include shortened link to your website in the description

Another interesting way to get more web traffic is to include in the description of your photo (I indicate where it should go with the red circle), a shortened link to your website. Clicking it will not take them anywhere, but if you share this same photo on Twitter, for example, that link is activated and directs you to your website.