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Explaining Digital Marketing and its Importance in a Post-Pandemic World!

Okay, so let me clarify that the pandemic didn’t actually cause this big shift in marketing, nor did it explicitly bring about the importance of digital marketing is a whole. What the pandemic actually did was simply hasten the relevance of digital marketing, as well as the originally gradual extinction and loss of relevance when it comes to old-fashioned marketing and outreach platforms.

Digital marketing in Wall, as well as digital marketing in Toms River are so important now simply because people being stuck home in the quarantine became accustomed to a more digitally-centralized way of life much faster than they would have without it. Projections made by most futurists originally had this shift being more gradual, and coming to a crescendo around the early 2030s, not 2020/2021. Well, futurists can account for things like this horrible pandemic, though some science fiction in the past was oddly prescient without even realizing it.

What’s different?

So, traditionally, marketing and advertising were handled through television commercial interruptions, ads in periodicals and newspapers, telemarketing (which is soon to become illegal in most countries finally), junk mail and other sorts of outreach. None of these work anymore, and even the original approach to digital marketing will no longer work, due in no small part to the prevalence of ad blockers in a zero-tolerance policy by most people when it comes to pop-ups, spam and overlays/interstitials.

People are used to streaming, especially during this pandemic, and that alone is enough to kind of kill broadcast/cable-television, a vastly inferior way to consume media objectively. However, when you factor in commercial interruptions, this just drastically increases people’s loss of desire to use this old platform. If you look at streaming services, the couple of them that actually do still have commercial interruptions, such as Hulu, fare much worse than the ones that don’t.

Periodicals are also dying, with the newspaper industry destined to be extinct by the end of the decade, and magazines not being that far behind. You need a better way to advertise.

What’s involved in digital marketing?

So, like I said before, the original approach to digital marketing, that being spam and various banner ads, pop-ups and the like, that no longer works either. Modern digital marketing is all about a passive approach, making yourself visible where your target demographics are looking. This is done through SEO, the embedding of related keywords in blog posts, website content and the like, being where customers are looking when searching for your product or service.

The other main factor is social media marketing, this being a way to maintain interest and drive conversion of leads, as well as a passive forum through which to announce changes your brand, new products, changes to existing products, deals and so forth. Only people interested in your product or service will be following you in this manner on social media, so you are no longer annoying the general public by standing on a soapbox and screaming at the top of your lungs, metaphorically-speaking.

This is of course a simplification, with there being other tactics that can still be employed, such as SEM, organic ads in smart phone applications, etc. However SEM and these various ads are destined to become ineffectual sooner or later, wants people figure out how to prevent them from rendering on phones. If you trust providers of solid digital marketing in Wall or solid digital marketing in Toms River, they will help you devise the best possible strategies, and divert resources to the different tactics and platforms that work best for your business.