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Encourage your followers to leave reviews on your page


Ask your followers to leave reviews on your page so that there are social tests and get more likes. The opinions on your page act as social proof, even for people who do not know you and find you by organic Facebook results.

Increase the visibility of your Facebook page

The best way to get more likes on your Facebook page is to increase the number of followers. For this, it is important that you promote links or like buttons to your social networks. However, you need to know how to buy likes on facebook also.

It is essential that you communicate the links to your social networks on your own website. There are numerous plugins that will help you. For example:  Social Media and Share Icons for WordPress, this plugin even has animations that are activated when your user’s mouse passes over the icons. You will be more visible.

Add social media share icons on for getting more likes

Social media buttons or like icons to your social media are essential to attract more followers. Remember to use these links in the signature of your emails: it is another great place to encourage your potential followers to like them.

The third part service allows you to create very visual email signatures and enter the links to your social profiles. Look at my electronic signature.

Email signature 

It is ideal for small businesses or freelancers. This allows you to drive more traffic to your social networks.

As a last option you can also do an email campaign to your followers encouraging them to follow you on your social networks. It will always be easier for a subscriber who has left your email to become a follower of yours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

To buy or not to buy followers on Facebook

Buying likes and followers never works. Discard this idea from your mind, since if you buy followers on Facebook they probably come from fake profiles. Facebook can detect these types of profiles and will make you lose visibility instead of winning.

If you buy real followers, they probably won’t be your ideal customer and they won’t be interested in your content. They will like for convenience and not for interest. Both options are not an option since you will not gain more engagement or visibility, on the contrary they will make you lose engagement. It is better to have quality of likes and followers than quantity.

How to generate engagement among your new followers 

Once you have new followers on your Facebook page, the job is not over. Now the job is to generate engagement with them through your content. This enchants the Facebook algorithm and will also reward you by giving you more visibility among your followers.