Effectively Managing A Hotel From A Smart Phone


As the current internet age progresses at a rapid pace, with the internet marketing service providers’ market zooming from non-existence 20 years ago to an estimated 300 billion dollars today, the online hotel booking engine also continues to get more and more developed. According to research, the engines for hotel booking are focusing more on being a one-stop delivery tool for all customer requirements across all platforms.

The booking engines are getting more advanced

They are also being upgraded to enable functions like online feedback, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, etc. They are coming up with enhanced abilities and more customized services. The development of Machine learning and artificial intelligence aspects in the online hotel booking engines are aimed at producing relevant results which will give the owner a better understanding of the guest’s decision-making process. As the mantra for business is to increase mindshare and heart share of the customer, the gathered customer data will enable companies to build brand loyalty, which will lead to repeat business and first-hand references in the customer’s social circle.

The reservations made through the hotels or hotel chains own online hotel booking engine reduces the commission payout to OTAs, or online travel agencies. This will also enhance the profitability of the hotel owner. The booking engine can be used as a single point tool to improve hotel operations, enable online bookings through the hotel’s own website, synchronize with the OTAs, as a billing resource, etc.

It can be used as a single interface tool for managing a hotel business by the owner.

The online hotel booking engine is software as a service, or SaaS, application, which can also be very useful as a core function for other programs. According to a recent survey, it has been observed that more than 50 percent of customers search online to make their hotel booking decisions. Therefore, being at the top of a search result is important, but there is also an underlying opportunity that the hotel website is the hotel’s first salesperson. The customer interface of the software can be made interactive and aesthetically pleasing to allow the customer to experience the best of the services the hotel or hotel chain provides. The back end can be used to manage the business better with real-time data.

The booking engine can be integrated with all merchant services, payment gateways, etc. to gather the necessary credit card information in order to process deposits and payments on a real-time basis. The payments can be tagged with specific employees on duty in order to find out the best of the hotel or hotel chain’s employees.

The software can enable automatic processing of all online reservations and input them into the company’s internal system and maintain a calendar which can be used to send gifts and offers to specific loyal customers on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Customized multiple dashboards can also be set up according to the specific needs of users, managers, departments etc.


This software prevents the cases of theft, pilferage, wastage. This is because it helps the companies to track and remedy the situation using real-time operation snap shots.  The software can be one-point management tool for managing multiple properties. It can integrate data from different properties into one centralized platform in a real-time basis. This software can also track housekeeping tasks and their TAT or turn-around-time. An alarm can be integrated and set up online to alert against housekeeping tasks which have not been completed within the maximum stipulated TAT or Turn-around-time.