Editing A Video: Things Every Beginner Should Remember

Everyone needs an editor – Timothy Foote. The work of an editor is no less essential than a director, if not more. The work of an editor is to take a video and make it into something that can hold a person’s attention. The job of extracting the great from the good is not something everyone can do. It needs a lot of creativity, diligence, and attention to detail. If you have a creative flair and a penchant for video editing, there are a few very essential things that you should never forget.

Video editing is not for the lazy and impatient one. Firstly you should check whether you have what it takes to become a successful editor. Here are some of the so qualities that are a must:

  • A keen eye for detail
  • A creative vision and passion for video editing
  • Patience and focus
  • Ability to work in a team
  • A strong sense of commitment and accountability
  • Time management and organizational skills

If you are confident about these skills, you are all set to go with your dream of becoming a successful video editor. There are several video editor free that you can try in the beginning to understand the entire process. We have brought you some crucial tips and tricks that will make your creative journey smooth and hassle-free.

  1. Set realistic expectations- The foremost thing that you would need a lot, especially at the beginning of your journey, is to believe in yourself and stay motivated. As an editor, your work will always be subject to judgment. So, you would need to foster deep security around your abilities. Hence, self-awareness is essential. Always be aware of where you stand and expect according to your work. Moreover, keep improving the quality of your hardware and equipment to deliver better results. Use a high-standard video editor to deliver good quality videos.

  1. Stay organized- We do not need to tell you how difficult it would get if you had to urgently deliver a video and then forgot the document where you had stored the video. So now you need to rummage through randomly named files. For this matter, it is advisable to make separate files for video, audio, and photos.

  1. Pay attention- To bring out the best from any clip, you must pay attention to the details by watching each footage carefully, at least twice before making any edits.

  1. Plan extra time- Things like renders, exports, errors, and crashes are part of the editing process, so you must spare some extra time to deal with them.

  1. Follow the 321 rule- It is catastrophic to find that the videos that you have spent hours editing are deleted and vanish into thin air. To avoid this debacle, editors swear by the 321 rule where they store 3 copies of a file in at least 2 places. It can save you from a lot of last-minute frenzies. Saving in safe places is very important after you edit videos.

Editing is a fun and creative process that gives a sense of achievement and satisfaction, wherever you see the end product. If you stay organized and take care of these small nuances, you can avoid unnecessary chaos in your path.