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DSI introduces the Upgraded Version of Cloud Inventory

DSI is a cloud inventory solution provider that uses a state–of–the–art technology to increase visibility for all manufacturing and distribution processes. The establishment of DSI was in Kansa City, and it has been in existence for more than 40 years. The company has grown tremendously and is serving more than 3,000 global customers, primarily in oil and energy, food and beverage, manufacturing and distribution, construction and engineering, utilities, and medical devices.

According to DSI’s President and CEO, Mark Goode, the firm looks forward to providing robust software solutions to optimize customers’ inventories and increase business productivity. DSI has developed a newer version of its cloud-based inventory. The recent Cloud Inventory allows users to track assets, consignments, inventory, and tools online and offline.

Cloud Inventory gives real-time data on the state, locality, and authenticity of raw materials, finished goods, and work progress. Therefore it’s able to track products while in the warehouse, transit, or field. The software is flexible and has simplified interphase with low-code or no-code for users to navigate easily. It also has standard inventory, manufacturing, warehousing, and field inventory applications. The monitoring and improvement of the supply chain performance are only possible through the enhanced insight dashboard.

According to DSI’s CEO and President, businesses need to develop new ways of managing their inventory. For this reason, DSI is offering businesspeople Cloud Inventory to provide them with control and optimization of their supply chain. The recent disruptions in the supply chain require businesses to integrate their systems with the Cloud Inventory for more visibility.

How would businesses today run without Field Inventory Management? Field Inventory Management solves challenges facing mobile inventory. DSI offers Field Inventory that allows its clients to have real-time control and management of the processes, inventory, assets, and people in the field. The DSI Field Inventory Management system comes with comprehensive mobile apps that allow on-field assets to execute their duties efficiently. The Field Inventory can integrate with companies’ end-to-end supply chain, giving out an integrated value chain.

DSI Field Inventory Management System allows access to real-time visibility inventory data. Users can control the on-field inventory and assets, whether offline or online. It personalized interphase, making it easy for teams to capture data and relay it through mobile-first applications, increasing the on-field inventory visibility. Numerous companies, including TETRA Technologies, Aegion, Briggs, Cambridge, and Marek, are already using the DSI Field Inventory.

DSI Field Inventory Management has numerous benefits. It has a mobile-first design, a single inventory system, pre-built ERP integration, and multi-language support. Users also enjoy real-time updates, even when offline. It has complete inventory visibility that allows users to trace the entire supply chain process. The Field Inventory is not complicated to use as it has easy-to-adopt user interphase. Therefore, why would you fail to give your team the tool necessary for a positive customer experience? The Field Inventory system makes the workers more responsive to customers hence making the company more efficient overall.