DLP policy warnings and recommendations may be sent through email and shown on a screen

Data loss prevention (DLP) policies made in Microsoft Purview may be used to locate, track, and safeguard sensitive data across all of Office 365. Companies should ensure that employees handling such data continue to comply with DLP rules without impeding their ability to conduct their jobs. In such a scenario, it might be useful to get policy suggestions and notifications by email.

If content is found that violates the DLP policy, a warning should be shown.

The policy hint appears at the top of the message window in Outlook on the web and Outlook 2013 and later editions, above the list of recipients.

Whenever time an item is linked to a file on a SharePoint Online site or a OneDrive for Business account, a caution icon appears on the item to signal the presence of the policy hint. If you click the Details button in the top right corner of the page after selecting an item, you’ll be sent to its informational pane. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to look into the product in more detail.

Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files stored on a OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online site that is subject to the DLP policy will display a policy hint in the Message Bar and in the Backstage view. Choose “File” > “Info” from the menu bar to open the backstage area. Choose the email dlp there now.

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A data loss prevention strategy should notify users of any potential breaches.

Every time you create a DLP policy, you’ll be given the choice to turn on User alerts. Microsoft 365, when configured to deliver notifications to users, will notify users of policy changes through email. You may modify the recipients, subject lines, and body of notification emails, in addition to the phrasing of policy reminders.

  • Visit the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.
  • You may log in using the credentials you use at your school or workplace.
  • Choose Data Loss Prevention > Policy > + from the left side menu in Microsoft Purview’s compliance portal. Implement it as a policy.
  • Choose the appropriate DLP policy template from the drop-down list to protect the private information you’re tasked with securing, and then proceed.


You can do anything from For each DLP policy rule, notify the people you think should know about it. One or more of these might be the material’s creator, the author of the most recent edit, the proprietor of the website hosting the material, or even a specific user. You may modify the notice’s wording to reflect your own needs and interests by using HTML or tokens. For more information, please read on.